22 Deaths in Mbale Floods
Police have said they are still searching for missing residents in Mbale following flash floods that have left up to 22 people dead.

Following flash floods in Mbale that have so far left up to 22 people dead, the police has said they are still on the search for other missing residents.

According to the police, they are still searching for other missing residents following the flash floods in Mbale that have left 22 people dead so far.

Earlier this week, residents in Mbale were left in great flash floods which originated from Mt Elgon and it’s prominent slope, Wanale Hill in Mbale. 

The flash floods coupled with mudslides caused extensive damage to food and cash crops, permanent and semi-permanent houses were also broken, while others were submerged. 

According to Fred Enanga the police spokesperson, 22 people have so far been recorded dead while 10 others were critically injured. 

He said the dead include Khalayi Lukiya a 15 year old, female juvenile and P.7 pupil of North Road Primary School and resident of Mutukula cell, Namakwekwe ward, Northern Division, Mbale cell.

Khalayi Barbra, an 11 year old, female juvenile, a P.3 pupil of North Road Primary School, younger sister to Khalayi Lukiya, both daughters of Mr. Simiyu Sam of Bumoni Sub-county, Namisindwa district.

Tamunoza Doreen, a 27 year old, hair dresser of Central ward, Industrial Division, Mbale city. She was in a Toyota Wish registration number UBH060T, with three others, of which two survived and one is still missing.

Yadhi Farouk, a 32 year old, businessman at Mbale Industrial areas, resident of Somero cell, Namatala ward, Industrial division, Mbale City.

Nekesa Janet Diana, a 32 year old, resident of Bulorero village, Busoba sub-county, Mbale district. She was with three others in a Subaru registration number UBL 465A. Two survived, one died, while a one Mwagale Andrew of Busamaga in Mbale, is still missing.

Namara David, a 30-year-old, pump attendant of Oil Energy Petro station Bunghokho and resident of Nashikhaso sub-county and Private Chemendwa Sam, a UPDF soldier.

Enanga while others are yet to be identified, the search for more bodies and other movable properties that could have submerged, are still going on. 

He said the Directorate of Fire and Rescue Services, Police Health Services and Logistics, have mobilised additional resources, to help in the search and rescue efforts. 

“So far, the floods which occurred arising from heavy rains during the night of 30th – 31st, July, 2022 have left 22 people dead. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the deceased. We also wish the 10 victims who were critically injured and rushed to Mbale National Referral Hospital a quick recovery,” Enanga said.

“Also destroyed were permanent and semi-permanent houses. These include part of the wall structure at Oil Energy Petro Station near Bunghokho Sub-county headquarters, the National Water main supply pipes from Manafwa River were also destroyed, several schools in Bunghokho, factories at the SINO-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park, were partially flooded with water,” he added.