FDC Mbale Municipality rally
Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Mbale Municipality rally blocked by Police saying it was contrary to the Public Order Management Act

FDC Mbale Municipality rally blocked by Police saying it was contrary to the Public Order Management Act

Police in Mbale intercepted a planned Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party political rally scheduled to take place in Mbale Municipality, Namakwekwe ward at Mpumudde grounds.

In Police’s argument, FDC rally was illegally arranged contrary to the Public Order Management Act, because the leaders did not seek clearance from the Inspector General of Police. So, they could not allow such kind of meeting to take place.

Besides, Police said that it was already 6:00 pm which was late, for them to hold a public rally.

In this FDC rally, former FDC leader, the four times presidential candidate also the Leader People’s Government, Dr Kizza Besigye, Patrick Amuriat, FDC President and other FDC leaders were lined up to address FDC supporters that were already waiting at Mpumudde grounds in Mbale Municipality on Saturday 7 September 2019.

But, before arriving at the venue, police arrested Patrick Amuriat Oboi together with other FDC supporters and detained them at Mbale Central Police Station.

Police as well stopped Dr Kizza Besigye, Ms Ingrid Turinawe, FDC Secretary for Mobilisation, Nathan Nandala Mafabi and FDC General Secretary who were meant to address the crowd from accessing the venue.

However, this did not go well with the party supporters because shortly after their interception, FDC supporters began fighting Police to force their leaders’ way to the venue and proceed with the days planned activities.

This, in turn, forced Police to respond by firing teargas and live bullet to control the situation that had turned violent. And this managed to disperse FDC angry supporters and the situation once again turned to normal.

But after a while, FDC’s leader, Patrick Amuriat Oboi was released on police bond. Speaking after his release, Oboi said police mistakenly blocked their meeting, because they had the IGP’s clearance.

Nonetheless, one of the Police Officers told FDC leaders that they were instructed not to permit their meeting to take place.

“We were ordered not to allow the rally to take place and it will not take place.”

Meanwhile, the Mbale District Police Commander, Mr Fred Ahimbisihwe when asked refrained from commenting on the accusation saying the Public Relations Officers or RPC should be contacted on the issue.

Similarly, efforts to find answers from the two officers went futile as well as the two could not be reached on their mobile numbers.

Nathan Nandala Mafabi, Budadiri West legislator condemned Police to act saying it was unprofessional, discriminative and violation of Human Rights.

“Police is being partisan by not allowing us to address our supporters, which is our right.”