Gen Jeje Odong's resignation
FDC urges Minister Tumwine, Jeje Odong to resign over failure to manage security matters in the country. File Photo

FDC: Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwine and Gen Jeje Odong Minister for Internal Affairs should resign over failure to manage security matters in the country

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party has called for the resignation of Gen Elly Tumwine, the Security Minister and Gen Jeje Odong, Internal Affairs Minister under claims that the two can no longer protect Ugandans in the country, although a lot of resources is allocated to the sector. 

Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, FDC Spokesperson and the opposition Chief Whip in Parliament says Gen Tumwine and Gen Jeje have failed to do their job and as a result, they should be fired.

“If the Generals can’t work? Why don’t they just be sacked and they join Kayihura? Because I thought Kayihura had been sacked because of his failure to stump murders. What about Tumwine and Jeje, what are they still doing in offices?” Ssemujju wondered.

Ssemujju’s remarks follow the recent murders cases that have costed the country with the recent one along Entebbe express highway were two people a man and a lady were gunned down by unknown attackers on their way from Hidden Treasure Entebbe to millennium Hotel Zana. 

The two were gunned down on the 5/09/2019, at around 10:30 pm, at Nambigirwa Bridge along Kampala Express Highway in a Black Toyota Land Cruiser Registration Number UAW 534B.

The victims were identified as Tumukunde Merina, a City businesswoman aged 37 years by her husband Mark Rugyenza and the second was her bodyguard Joshua Nteyireho Ruhegyera. 

FDC claims Defence Ministry have been getting huge sums of money for facilitation in the last five years, but the country’s security remains a mess. Now according to Ssemujju, the two ministers should explain why Uganda’s security has declined.

“The murders that are happening are being used and exploited by Museveni and his administration, as a way of accessing public resources to go and do campaigns,” Ssemujju asserted. 

In his further remarks, FDC asked families of the victims of the recent wave of murders to sue the government for failing to protect the lives of their loved ones as mandated in Uganda’s Constitution.

“But we also want to encourage the families to go to court, to sue Museveni and his men for failure to protect them as the constitution commands. Because the investment we have made, the training, the other day they recruited the LDUs, what are they doing?” Ssemujju said.

However, following Ssemujju’s remarks, Deputy Government Spokesperson, Col Shaban Bantarinza fired back at Ssemujju saying that government is fully in control of the security situation in the country.

Bantarinza says the resignation of these ministers cannot correct anything but rather putting up strong guidelines to control these bloody crimes is the only solution the country needs.

“Call for a resignation does not make a difference, you can remove Gen Tumwine and put Con Shaban or put Besigye himself or put Oboi himself, if you do not put serious measures that will deter and prevent commission of crime, or actually reduce commission of crime, it does not matter who is he,” Bantarinza said.

Meanwhile, Bantarinza wondered whom FDC wants to be sued. According to him culprits in these crimes will be charged individually, be it government officers or anyone else. 

“So, if they are encouraging the families to go and sue, who are they going to sue? Government? The one who shot them? The person who shot them is he a government officer? If he’s a government officer obvious we shall bring him to court,” Bantarinza wondered.