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Eight Police officers convicted of the negligence of duty following Nagirinya’s murder. Photo/URN

Eight Police officers convicted of the negligence of duty following Nagirinya and her driver Ronald Kitayimbwa’s murder

Following the Kidnap and murder of Maria Nagirinya, an employee at Community Integrated Development Initiative/CIDI, an NGO based in Muyenga, a Kampala suburb from her gate while waiting for her sister to open the gate at her residence in Lungujja, Wakiso District together with her driver Ronald Kitayimbwa, on the 28th, August 2019, a numbery of Police officers have been convicted of negligence of duty.

Eight Police officers have been convicted by the Police Disciplinary Tribunal concerning the Maria Nagirinya and driver Ronald Kitayimbwa murder case.

Fred Enanga, Police Spokesperson, on Monday 9th, December 2019, said that the Police Disciplinary Tribunal chaired by Senior Police Commissioner, Dennis Odongpiny found seven Police officers guilty of negligence of duty including one Police officer who was found guilty of discrediting conduct that tarnished Police’s name.

Contrary to Section 44(1), Code 19(a), (b), (c) of the Police Act, Cap 303.

“Seven officers were charged with neglect of duty. There’s one officer who was charged with discreditable conduct after they professionally failed to attend to the relatives of Maria Nagirinya and Ronald Kitayimbwa,” Enanga said. “It was found that the eight defaulters violated requirements of the duty of remaining alert and observant while on duty after some of them were absent that evening.”

“it was also noted that there were so many errors and delays in fast-tracking the CCTV footage and there was also a miscommunication which was made within hours after the double kidnap,” Enanga added.

The list of convicts in Maria Nagirinya murder case includes; ASP Andrew Nizeyimana, the officer in Charge of Nateete Police Station, PC Deo Kitute, Joshua Basaliza, Police Constable, ASP Allan Okello, (D/AIP) Sunday Baguma, Detective Assistant Inspector of Police, Corporal Samuel Owona and Muhamad Byansi, the Assistant Superintendent of Police.

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Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Stephen Ibanda the lead prosecutor said that the eight officers were charged with neglect of duty after failing to promptly and diligently attend to Nagirinya’s kidnap case.

late Maria Nagirinya’s father
Nagirinya murder: President Museveni Sends Shs10m Condolence to Family of Woman Killed. file photo

While Corporal Reuben Kibikwamu was charged with discreditable conduct contrary to Section Code 12 of the Police Act, Cap 303, after failing to professionally attend to Nagirinya and Kitayimbwa’s relatives who approached him for help.

Arguing to Kibikwamu’s case, Ibanda said that his actions towards the case damaged Uganda Police reputation.

However, among all the convicts only two junior Cpl Kibikwamu and Cpl Owana were lowered to Police Constables.

Cpl Kibikwamu was lowered because when Nagirinya’s relatives approached him about what had happened, he remained seated with his legs raised on the table. According to reports, Kibikwamu told them to kidnap was not among his duties that night and chased them away.

While Cpl Owana’s demotion came as a result of failing to alert officers out there for an immediate action about the kidnap that had happened to rescue the victims. Owana was in charge of the signal centre that night.

And their commanders’ ASP Muhammad Byansi, Officer in Charge of Nateete Police Station, ASP Andrew Nizeyimana, Nateete OC CID, AIP Sande Baguma, Assistance Inspector of Police, Police Constable, Joshua Basaliza ASP Allan Okello, Deo Kitutu has given the reprimand.

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This means that if the two ever commits the crime again, they will be suspended or expelled from Police service.

Nevertheless, according to Enanga, the convicts have 14 days to appeal against the sentences before the appellant court of the Uganda Police Force.

The swift turn of the event comes after President Museveni ordered Police to arrest and prosecute officers who were on duty that night and those who were at the CCTV command centre.