Lakeside Adventure Park in Uganda (1)

There are several leisure parks in Uganda, but Lakeside Adventure Park stands out as one of the most popular. 

It is located in Kyagwe, Mukono on the shores of Lake Victoria and offers adventure, fun, and relaxation.

Why visit Lakeside Adventure Park in Uganda

Not only does the park provide an opportunity for fun and leisure in the form of several activities, but it also offers a fine dining experience, a kid’s play area, well-furnished and comfortable accommodation facilities, a conference hall and so much more.

Activities at the lakeside Adventure Park

Boat cruise: There is an option of arriving at the lakeside by boat but you can also enjoy a special boat cruise on Lake Victoria. Take in the breeze and enjoy a little banter and photos with family and friends while on the boat.

Swimming: Since the park is on the shores of Lake Victoria, you can swim in the lake if you want to. However, you need to be cautious of your safety, therefore you should not swim far off the shores of the lake.

Picnic: The park has a designated picnic area where you can enjoy your packed meal outdoors.

Beach walk: With a relatively wide beach area, you can walk around to enjoy the views of the lake and surrounding trees as well as feel the cool breeze at the lake shores.

Fun games at the park

Activities at the lakeside Adventure Park (1)

At lakeside Adventure Park, there is something for everyone! From kids to teens, youths to older adults. Some of these games are best done as a group, others can be enjoyed single-handedly. 

These games/activities are ideal for corporate gatherings, team building events, family days out, friends, and school children and are available from Tuesday to Sunday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm.

Treasure hunt: It’s about digging deeper to find the treasure hidden around Lakeside. Winning this game comes with a prize, which goes to the best or luckiest team that gets the treasure. 

The average duration of a treasure hunt is 45 minutes and costs UGX 6,000 per person to play. 

Shelter building: The shelter building challenge involves collaborating with teammates to construct a shelter with the available resources. 

While enjoying shelter building, you also gain some problem-solving skills. This activity also costs UGX 6,000 per person.

High ropes challenge: When Lakeside Adventure Park was built in 2011, it was the first park to feature a high ropes course. 

High ropes is a challenging outdoor activity which provides maximum entertainment for children and adults alike. 

There are two levels to this course. High ropes level 1 costs UGX 48,000 and level 2 costs UGX 70,000.

Climbing: A climbing wall is an artificially created surface that replicates the rocky terrain in some or all aspects. 

Lakeside Adventure Park has the highest climbing wall in Uganda at 67 metres which costs UGX 36,000 to climb. For those who love rock climbing, this is a great adventure. 

At Lakeside Adventure Park, the fun climbing wall successfully complements the high ropes course. 

Orienteering: This is a favourite because it is both educative and entertaining. It involves locating places on a map. You must work together to beat the clock and find all the hidden keys. 

The objective of orienteering is to navigate between checkpoints or controls placed on a particular map. There is no predetermined route, therefore the skill and enjoyment lie in determining the optimal path. 

The objective of competitive orienteering is to complete the course as quickly as possible. At only, UGX 6,000, this game is highly affordable.

Crate tower building: Crate tower building is an activity completely meant for teamwork. As a team, you identify a teammate whom you can trust to put crates together up to the highest point. 

To participate, you pay a small fee of UGX 6,000 per person.

Other games available

  • Low course challenge – Duration: 45 minutes, Price: UGX 13,000
  • Amazing race – Duration: 45 minutes, Price: UGX 6,000
  • Obstacle course – Duration: 45 minutes, Price: UGX 13,000

How to get to Lakeside Adventure Park in Uganda

  1. By road

Drive up to Wantoni in Mukono, turn onto the tarmac road, and drive to Ntenjeru. 

When you see Ntenjeru Parents Primary School, turn right and look for signs for Mutoola or Mutima Resort. 

Drive past the tea plantation until you reach a trading centre called Mpata, then continue driving for at least 2 kilometres straight, without turning, and keep an eye out for yellow signs for Mutoola or Lakeside Adventure Park.

  1. By water 

Using water transport from Ggaba’s KK beach on Lake Victoria’s northern bank is the most direct route to the park. 

You can take a boat directly to Lakeside from Ggaba’s KK Beach at a fee of UGX 20,000. The boat ride takes 30-45 minutes total.

Meals/Dining at the park

 The park features a casual fine dining restaurant that offers scrumptious meals, regional cuisines, and quick treats.

There is a menu for both kids and adults.

The breakfast menu includes a serving of toasted bread, sausages, fruits, katogo, tea or coffee and much more. A continental breakfast can be enjoyed too. 

A lunch or dinner buffet is reserved for groups of 10 or more and you can also get snacks and BBQ when you need them. 

It should be noted that meals must be ordered and fully paid for 72 hours before arrival at Lakeside.

Accommodation at lakeside Adventure Park

Lakeside Adventure park (1)

Dormitories, cottages, safari houses and tents for camping are the varieties of accommodation facilities at Lakeside.

There are two self-contained dormitories available with a maximum of 15 beds each, along with a nice lounge incorporating an in-house library. 

The dorms are separated for both males and females. 

The beds were handcrafted by a local carpenter utilising local material. With flushing toilets and hot showers, the bathrooms are worth checking out. 

The more daring and nature-loving guests can opt to take open showers in a bamboo-enclosed structure by a tree and use an eco-toilet.

Well-furnished, beautiful, self-contained cottages with king-size beds and instantaneous water heaters are also available.

If are in for a camping experience, there is a campsite with a magnificent view of the lake and tree surroundings. 

To make your stay even more enjoyable and comfortable, Lakeside Adventure Park offers free Wi-Fi internet access to guests as well as free parking. Laundry services are also available to keep your travel outfits clean and ready for the next adventure. 

Other standard amenities include bottled water and desks.

For in-person reservations or inquiries, Lakeside Adventure Park has offices in Kampala at Luthuli Avenue, Bugolobi (Opposite Nice House of Plastics), Uganda.

Reservations can be made from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm.