AIGP Kasingye on Masaka killings (1)
Kasingye said that tight security operations are ongoing to put an end to the recent killings. FILE PHOTO

Asan Kasingye has reassured the people of Greater Masaka that the Police and other security agencies will bring down all criminals responsible for the attacks on the community members.

The Chief Political Commissar, AIGP Asan Kasingye, has given hope to the people of Greater Masaka assuring them that the police and its sister security agencies are on top of the situation and will bring down all criminals behind the attacks on members of the community

Kasingye made the remarks during his visit to Masaka as part of his rectification and ideological orientation tour to find a lasting solution to the insecurity caused by the so-called “bijambia” criminals in the region. 

Kasingye said on top intelligence, tight security operations are ongoing to see an end to the recent killings.

“We are using the community policing approach to talk to the police officers and the public to mobilize them so that they are the first line of defence and protection against the criminals. “This will be solved very quickly. The investigators are doing a good job,” Kasingye said.

“11 people have appeared in courts today and more case files will be processed to face court. Ugandans need to trust us and know that they play a big role by sharing details about any suspicious persons,” he added.

This meanwhile comes at a time when the police have arrested up to 15 suspects who form part of the criminal gang behind the murderous rampage in Lwengo and Masaka districts.

In a statement dated 30th August 2021, Fred Enanga the police spokesperson said of the suspects, six were arrested from Masaka district. He said these were responsible for the murders of nine people. 

In Lwengo districts, he said nine suspects highly linked to the vicious murders of 17 victims have so far been arrested so far including Kibirango John Bosco aka Boy, Ssewankambo Mohammad, Namata Justine, Kabayo Henry, Kaganda Moses, Ssebuunya Issa, Nabatanzi Batesita, Ngabirano Sebastiano, and Kayebura Joseph.

He said they are still searching for more suspects. 

Masaka killings 15 suspects arrested (1)
Up to 15 suspects have been arrested in connection with the murders in the districts of Lwengo and Masaka. FILE PHOTO

Enanga said they will continue to work with the local leaders and the community, to track down the assailants in the new domestic cell in Bukoto West, who also form part of the organised gang behind the spree of brutal murders.  

“Most of the suspects are residents embedded within the community in Lwengo and Masaka. They all admitted to participating in the multiple slaying of their targeted victims,” Enanga said.

“After getting significant clues on the characteristics of the assailants, anonymous threatening letters, their mode of transport, a description of their get away, and the mastermind behind the vicious murders, we shall ensure all the remaining suspects are arrested and face justice for the senseless carnage they have caused,” he added.