Masaka killings 15 suspects arrested (1)
Up to 15 suspects have been arrested in connection with the murders in the districts of Lwengo and Masaka. FILE PHOTO

At least 15 suspects belonging to the criminal gang responsible for the murderous rampage in Masaka and Lwengo have been arrested.

A total of 15 suspects have been arrested by the police as part of the criminal gang behind the murderous rampage in Lwengo and Masaka.

In a statement dated 30th August 2021, Fred Enanga the police spokesperson said of the suspects, six were arrested from Masaka district. He said these were responsible for the murders of nine people.   

“These include; Kawalya Yazid, Sserwada Mike, Muwonge Jude, Nakakawa Slyvia, Kibedi Yowana, Batesita and Jjemba Francis. The deceased persons include; Mukasa Idrisa, a 90 year old, male adult of Kikungwe “A” village, Butale, who was attacked on the 22.08.2021 and hit on the forehead with a blunt object and killed on the spot,” Enanga said.

“On the 23.08.2021, a one Mugerwa Francis aka Kiiza Nswa, a 58 year old, male adult of Setala village, Senya ward, Kabonera Division in Masaka city was attached by Sserwada Mike and others while on his way home. He was hit on the head several times, killed and the body dumped along the footpath to his home.”

He added that on 23.08.2021, at around 9:15 pm, a one Kakooza Sulaiman, a 54-year-old, male adult and resident of Senya village, Senya ward, Kabonera division, in Masaka was also attacked by Sserwada Mike and others while on his way home.  

He was hit to death with a blunt object several times and his body was dumped alongside the footpath to his home. 

The police spokesman noted that on 25.08.2021, at around 8:20 pm, a one Nampijja Muhangaza, a 75-year-old, female adult of Kasaali village, Bisanje Kabonera division in Masaka, was attacked while preparing her supper.  

She was hit on the head and killed. Her body was abandoned in the kitchen.

“On the 25.08.2021, a one Yeye Peter, a 30 year old, casual worker and male adult of Bisanje village, Kimanya, Kabobera Division in Masaka, was attacked and hit on the head with a blunt object, killing him instantly. His body was abandoned in a nearby plantation. The following day on the 26.08.2021, a one Mulindwa Maddi, a 45 year old male adult was attacked at around 9:30pm, while checking on his home at Kisaka village, Kiteredde ward, Kabonera division, in Masaka. He was alone when he was cut on the head and killed.”

“On the 29.08.2021, at around 3am, a one Nakato Maria an 80 year old, female adult, who was staying alone at Kitenga “A” LCI, Kalagala Parish, Nyendo, Mukungwe division, was attacked in her house, killed with a blunt object. Her body was dragged and dumped in the banana plantation,” Enanga revealed.

In Lwengo districts, he said nine suspects highly linked to the vicious murders of 17 victims have been arrested so far including Kibirango John Bosco aka Boy, Ssewankambo Mohammad, Namata Justine, Kabayo Henry, Kaganda Moses, Ssebuunya Issa, Nabatanzi Batesita, Ngabirano Sebastiano, and Kayebura Joseph.

He, however, reminded that they are not ready to stop their hunt for more suspects. Enanga said they will continue to work with the local leaders and the community, to track down the assailants in the new domestic cell in Bukoto West, who also form part of the organised gang behind the spree of brutal murders.  

“Most of the suspects are residents embedded within the community in Lwengo and Masaka. They all admitted to participating in the multiple slaying of their targeted victims,” he promised. 

“After getting significant clues on the characteristics of the assailants, anonymous threatening letters, their mode of transport, a description of their get away, and the mastermind behind the vicious murders, we shall ensure all the remaining suspects are arrested and face justice for the senseless carnage they have caused.”

Meanwhile, he sent out his heartfelt messages to the families of the 26 deceased persons. The police spokesperson, however, also urged all residents to exhibit more vigilance in their daily activities and to create protective covers around all elderly persons.