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Mandela Statue at Namboole 2
the Nelson Mandela Statue at Namboole

In honour of Nelson Mandela’s significant role in liberating South Africa, Airtel unveiled a statue of him at the Mandela National Stadium Grounds.

In a ceremony held at the Mandela National Stadium Grounds, Airtel has unveiled a statue of the Great Nelson Mandela as a way of honouring the late for the major role he played in liberating South Africa.

Speaking at the unveiling, Noella Byuma the Head of Brand and Communication at Airtel said they (Airtel) are committed to supporting developments and initiatives provided they add value to any community.

Byuma said when they signed a sponsorship agreement with Uganda Cranes and the National Stadium, the intention was not only aimed at boost brands but also to improve infrastructure.

“Airtel is committed to beautifying the communities where it operates. When we signed on in 2013, the intention was to make as many tie-ups to not only improve sports but the facilities and environment. We signed on as partners with the Stadium in 2013 right after we signed on as sponsors of the Uganda Cranes. The intention at the time was to make as many tie-ups to not only improve sports but the facilities and environment.”

“In conclusion, I would like to say Airtel is honoured to have played a small part in working with the various partners here today to honour the memory of an African giant and Hero who truly is the embodiment of excellence,” Byuma said.

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Grace Naledi Mandisa Pandor the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa who was also the guest of honour asked people to find 67 minutes off their schedule on International Mandela day to help those who cannot help themselves. 

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Naledi said the statue is a footing tribute to the standing relations between Uganda and South Africa that was cemented by the revolutionary leader in Nelson Mandela.

 “It is a great privilege to be here at the unveiling of Tata Mandela’s statue. It is a great honour for Madiba. We thank the cooperations that took part in this event. So, this is a very critical history that we need to learn and use to promote social cohesion on the African Continent,” Naledi said.

“The statue is a footing tribute to the standing relations between Uganda and South Africa. I am told that Former President Nelson Mandela once held a Ugandan passport. This explains why Uganda played such an important role in our fight against the apartheid state.”

Meanwhile, the event was also graced by the Sports Minister, Hamson Obua. In his speech, he said the Ugandan government is committed to continuing to push for pan-Africanism, a reason he gives for maintaining the stadium name for all these years.

“The stadium was named after an African icon saying “ The government believes in the spirit of Pan-Africanism and Nelson Mandela fought for the freedom of the black race. That is why this Stadium is named after him,” Obua said.

Anne Abeja the Board Chairperson, of Mandela National Stadium, commended Airtel Uganda for being at the forefront in sponsoring the construction of this structure.