Gen Mugisha Muntu ANT party founder
Gen Muntu: President Museveni’s regime can be overturned

Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu of ANT party said president Museveni’s regime can be overturned.

Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, founder Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) party said President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni can be removed out of office.

Mugisha Muntu, in the same way, refuted public claims that Museveni cannot be unseated off the presidential seat.

Muntu continued to state that Museveni is the weakest individual in Uganda saying Ugandans are scared over nothing.

“Most People don’t seem to recognise that Mr Museveni is the weakest person, it beats my understanding the way people look at his strength yet most of us who look at him, he is the most vulnerable,” said Muntu.

Relatedly, Mugisha Muntu said that Ugandans fail to design strategies to force out an individual they are tied of and rather focus on character.

“The majority of people in this country as I speak now want changes but they lament all the time, they don’t act and it’s a basic weakness,” Muntu said.

Additionally, Muntu urged Ugandans to work hard to liberate this country out of the mess it’s in, instead of sitting back waiting for change.

“The population is frustrated they believe that this regime is taking them in the wrong direction, for the longest time, none of them believes in Gen Museveni and there are many forces in the NRM who would want to see a change,” Muntu said.

He, however, asked opposition politicians to draw their efforts and attention towards change than spending a lot of time talking about President Museveni, if they are to overturn his regime.

“Look at his vulnerabilities, look at the opportunities around us so that we can exploit those opportunities, organise the force that is necessary and build momentum and we will be able to overwhelm this regime,” Muntu stated.