Pastor Bujjingo denies child neglect
Am not foolish, Pastor Bujjingo responds to wife Teddy over child neglect claims. Photo/Salt Media

Pastor Bujjingo of House of Prayer Ministries has refuted claims of ignoring his children with wife Teddy.

Teddy Naluswa, Pastor Bujjingo wife had earlier accused him of neglecting his children, coupled with failing to pay school their fees dues.

However, Pastor Bujjingo has denied the allegations insisting that he cannot neglect his role as a parent yet he also helps other people’s families and children.

“They are my biological children and it would be foolish of me to deny them a chance to get an education,” said Bugingo adding,

“I pay school fees for children who are not mine. How then can I refuse to pay school fees for my children.”

Bujjingo also added that he buys fuel for close to shs400, 000 for the car that transports his children to and from school in addition to the daily upkeep and other home bills.

Furthermore, Bugingo indicated that he receives home bills through his church administrator but he is unaware why the bank slips for this coming term have not been brought to him yet. 

“I pay shs400, 000 for fuel for the two vehicles that transport our children to and from school, shs400, 000 for upkeep and other bills at home per week. I also pay the security guards at our home. How would I then not pay for school fees of my children,” said Bujjingo?

He added,

“I have received all the bills at our home through the church administrator but this term the children’s bank slips never came and I don’t know why.”

Pastor Bujjingo who also pinpointed that Teddy’s claims are aimed at spoiling his name stated that she went against the Court’s agreement of not disclosing marriage information to the public.

“I am a responsible citizen, parent and spiritual leader. It is not good for anyone to come up with such allegations. I can’t point out anyone but it is a deliberate move to tarnish my name,” said Bugingo’s.

“I have realized there is a sustained campaign to character assassinate me. There is a calculated move to tarnish my name,” said Bujjingo before calling on all lovers to desist from using their children as fighting weapons.

He finally, asked the state minister for youth and children affairs, Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi to intervene in the matter so that the couple’s children can be saved from being dragged into their wars.

Bugingo also went on to request her wife Naluswa present valid evidence proving him guilty the claims.

By John Dalton Kigozi