Teddy Naluswa drags husband Pr Bugingo
Teddy Naluswa drags husband Pastor Aloysius Bugingo to court over child neglect. File Photo

Teddy Naluswa has appealed to Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, Minister for Youth and Children Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi and women activists to come up for rescue over her husband Bugingo

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s estranged wife, Teddy Naluswa has appealed to Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, Minister for Youth and Children Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi and women activists to come up for rescue over her husband Bugingo who has refused to fulfil his fatherly responsibility.

With tears rolling down her chicks, Naluswa says Pr. Bugingo is now an absent father who has neglected his parental duties of paying his children’s school fees.

She says her children went to meet his father at his office to request for school fees, but instead he chased them out of his office bitterly and instructed his bodyguards to drag them out of his site that includes beating the children.

However, Teddy Naluswa has appealed to Speaker Kadaga and Minister Nakiwala to intervene in her children’s issues to help them complete their studies.

“They went there (Pr. Buggingo’s office) kneeled and said; Dad we are here to see you and to ask for school fees. But instead, he shouted at them, called his bodyguards who applied an iron hand on the children’s, hitting them and dragged them out of his office,” Naluswa said.

Now Naluswa has appealed to anyone who’s able to convince Bugingo to handle his responsibility of educating his children, to help her because of they also this nation’s children and not hers alone.

In communication, Naluswa said that he tried to use lawyers to issue summon to Bugingo to sit and talk about the children’s education, but he refused until court instructed her to file a case.

“He (Buggingo) refused twice to respond to court summons, they told him it’s not a case but rather a mediation. But he refused twice until the judge instructed us to file a case because I have no other option,” Naluswa said.

Speaking at her residence in Kitende, Teddy Naluswa says she filed the case on 3rd November against her husband Bugingo for refusing to pay his children school fees and maintenance.

But Court hearing will be on the 1st October 2019, which is far because children have already begun school and they are university students.

“Because ever since the children started school, he has never called to talk about the school fees issue and the schools have started writing to me, asking for school fees. He has been paying school fees, but I am surprised that this time around when the children went because we normally start planning for the payment of their fees in July. But when the children went there in end July to talk to him on issues concerning school fee and how much they will be paying instead he chased them out,” Naluswa narrated.

In her further remarks, Teddy Naluswa says Pr Bugingo no longer responds to Police and Court summons, because they have summoned him several times, but he fails to appear.

And now her only hope is the Speaker of Parliament Kadaga and Minister Nakiwala.

“Whenever Court summons him (Buggingo) he refuses to appear, whenever they issue summons he declines them. Now it has failed! My hope is in you,” Naluswa said.

Crying before the camera Naluswa said that she and the children are going through the worst times of their lives because these days they fear getting out of the house and children sometimes fail to eat because they are worried how they will get back to school.

“Minister for Youth and Children I am kindly requesting you to intervene in these matters. Because my children may not study this time. One of the children has one year remaining to finish up school and another is in her second year while the third child is in his baby class. I am kindly requesting that you intervene in the matter! Maama Rebecca Kadaga, please! intervene in this matter because my children’s have to study,” Naluswa appealed.

Teddy Naluswa says everything is now in courts hands to decide whether her children’s will study or not because she no longer has any source of income after she was chased out of Salt Media Company, where she was one of the directors which were her only source of income.

“We used to work knowing we are working for our children’s wellbeing! Our children’s education and our future. But today a time came, he chased me out of the business, I don’t have any other income that I can use to take care of my children’s, particularly paying their tuition,” Naluswa said.