Museveni opens transport and shopping malls
Arcades remain closed as Museveni opens transport and shopping malls. FILE PHOTO

Arcades, Churches and mosques remain closed as President Museveni opens public transport and shopping malls, curfew stays.

Museveni opens public transport and shopping malls, but curfew stays. After more than 75 days without operating, the public transport will resume on Thursday 4th June 2020 but with restricted measures. 

Public transport was closed in an attempt to cut off the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a televised nationwide address on Monday night, President Museveni allowed the opening of public transport but with new measures to be followed when using them.

“We can now allow the regulated opening of public transport means of transport like mini-buses, taxis provided they carry half of their normal capacity plus the driver and conductor,” President Museveni said.

The measure to be followed by public transport includes;

  1. Public transport should carry half of their normal capacity plus the driver and conductor.
  2. All occupants of public transport should be wearing face masks and they should be of high quality.
  3. Public means should also observe the curfew rule
  4. Taxi taunts and hawkers are banned from stages of buses and taxis.
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Public transport and private transport will not be allowed in border districts because most of the confirmed cases are from these districts.

President Museveni also allowed the opening of shopping malls provided they can observe the social distancing rule but arcades are to stay closed since their always crowded and congested.

Museveni also attacked the security operatives who close shops at Nasser road saying he does not know who gave them orders to close stand-alone shops. 

“I don’t know who gave these security officers an order to close shops at Nasser road,” Museveni said.

Schools, universities and tertiary institution are to stay closed for the next month.

Museveni opens transport and shopping malls
Arcades remain closed as Museveni opens transport and shopping malls. FILE PHOTO

In his last address Museveni had promised that schools and universities were to open for the candidates and the final year students but yesterday the president said that was not to happen since the government isn’t ready and a lot of resources and manpower is needed before the students go back to school.

“Let us first wait and see the impact of the public transport before rushing to open the schools,” Museveni added.

Boda-bodas will not be allowed to carry any passengers, as for now they will continue carrying luggage like how they have been doing in the last 75 days.

“Aboda-boda rider is too close to the passenger and such situation can’t be accepted,” the President said.

The president also added that the boda bodas have been causing a burden in the city centre even before the virus. The best they can do is to keep quiet and wait for the disease to be over the president noted.

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Churches and mosques are to remain closed. Religious leaders had started raising voices requesting the president to allow them to operate again since they can come up with social distancing measures that will keep the flock safe but according to the president this is still in vain.

Political gatherings are also not allowed according to the presidential directive issued last night.

The process of government mask distribution will begin at border districts since their worst affected. The president also said that the process will begin on the 10th of June.