Azawi biography
Azawi is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and a recording artist.

Flash Uganda Media looks at Azawi’s biography, songs, music, education and background of Priscilla Zawedde.

Azawi is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and a recording artist signed under Swangz Avenue in late 2019. Azawi was inspired to do music many years ago after frequently visiting the Nderre cultural centre to watch festivals.  

Azawi later joined the Kika dance troupe in 2005 and after leaving Kika dance troupe Azawi started singing in school with the help of a friend who mentored her as a songwriter. 

She has managed to write songs for Ugandan artists such as Lydia Jazmine, Nina Rose, Eddy Kenzo and many more. This year this released her debut five-track EP titled LO FIT.

Education and early life

Azawi birth name Priscilla Zawedde born in 1996 in Kampala Uganda. She comes from the family of the late Walusimbi Samuel who is the father and Nakamatte Mary who is the mother

She has three siblings but with half-sisters and brothers. She has a humble background and she was raised in Nakulabye a Kampala slum where her mum had a restaurant business. Azawi‘s dad passed on when she was in senior four and according to her life became more hard and complicated when her dad died. 

She started her education journey at Buganda road primary school where she studied up to primary five and she joined another school called Mother Kevin in Mukono district where she finished her primary seven from. 

She joined Lubiri SS but didn’t spend a lot of time there and she joined another school called st Janan with the help of her friend Kizza friend. Azawi joined another school called London college in Nansana before joining St Henry’s college in Ggangu Masajja where she finished her senior four. 

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During her A level, she only studied senior six because of financial issues in her family and she scored 13 points in her UACE exams. She later joined the Makerere University where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in commerce. 

Azawi says her education journey was full of scholarships because she could sing, act and she was a good performer when it came to academics and this influenced most of the schools to give her scholarships.

Azawi signed swangz avenue
She is officially signed by Swangz Avenue and was unveiled in November 2019.

Music career 

Azawi traces her love for music way back while still in primary five. Her mother used to love to go and watch cultural groups perform and to be specific this was the Ndere Troupe. 

In one of their performances, Azawi fell in love with a lady who was carrying ten pots on her head while singing and dancing. After the performance, Azawi asked her mum if there was a way she could join this cultural dancing group. 

At the time the group was going to separate and one of its members was going to open up his cultural group called Kika Troupe and its base was going to be in Mukono. Fortunately, Kika needed young a girl who could dance and that’s how Azawi ended up in Kika Troupe at her tender age

She spent four years in this cultural group then she left the group. Her best traditional dance was a West Nile dance called Otwenge.

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After leaving Kika Troupe she joined another cultural dancing group called Crane performers but she didn’t spend a lot of time in the group. 

She meant another guy called Kizza Fred who was training schools music and she didn’t hesitate to join the school choir of st Janan where she was mentored on how to sing and write by Kizza Fred. In her senior two, she recorded her first song called Bambi with her friend Shafic and she was produced by NIC. 

In her senior six, her friend opened up a band called karma band which she joined. They used to perform every weekend in bars and she could do cover songs and she specified in doing dancehall and reggae cover songs especially from Jamaica. 

During this time it’s when she ventured into music writing and her first written song was Kyoyagala which she wrote for Carol Nantogo although Carol didn’t release the song because of the unclear reasons. The boss of Karma band got a chance to meet with big talent’s boss Eddy Kenzo who allowed them to perform with him at his 2016. 

Azawi used this chance to connect with Eddy Kenzo’s manager Beta who started involving direct her in most of the studio work at big talent.

After some, she returned to producer NIC and wrote a song which she sent to manager Beta since she had heard that Eddy Kenzo had started signing musicians. The management loved the song and they paid her 500K although the song was not released.  

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On spotting how talented Azawi was when it came to writing, Eddy Kenzo started marketing her to various established artists and the first one was Lydia Jazmine who she wrote for almost an album. She later connected with Nina Rose and also wrote for her a song.

Azawi music
She has managed to write songs for Ugandan artists such as Lydia Jazmine, Nina Rose, Eddy Kenzo and many more.

After quitting big talent studios Kusseim opened up his studio and he invited Azawi to sing and write a track he had been made and she didn’t let him down she ended up writing Quinamino on a track Kusseim had made. 

After recording the song Azawi thought the best artist to sing the song was Winnie Nwagi and Kusseim decided to contact Julius Kyazze of Swangz Avenue. Kyaze loved the song and asked for more projects from Azawi to see how constituent she was. 

Kyazze loved the songs and invited her for a meeting at Swangz Avenue and Azawi thought they were just going to pay her for the written projects. 

She was given an opportunity of being signed which she took and she was officially signed by Swangz Avenue and unveiled in November 2019 and in January 2020 they released their first single Quinamino which has rocked the Ugandan airwaves in 2020. 

Currently, she is among the best selling artists in Uganda and the best so far from Swangz Avenue.


  • Crazy lover
  • Quinamino
  • Repeat it
  • Lo fit
  • Mbinyumirwa
  • Corona distance 


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