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Enanga said they are only apologizing for the quantity of teargas that was used.

While responding to a question of why the police issued the apology, Fred Enanga said they are only apologizing for the quantity of teargas that was used. 

The Police spokesperson Fred Enanga has once again made it clear that the police did not intend to fire teargas towards the gathering of both religious and clan members.

The police have since faced criticism following the weekend event in which the security officers fired teargas to disperse Buganda Kingdom’s Mbogo Clan members who had convened at the clan’s ancestral ground, located at Mugulu in Ziggoti Town Council in a thanksgiving service for their clan head, Gajuule Kasibante.

The thanks giving mass was led by retired Masaka Diocese Bishop, John Baptist Kaggwa but midway through the proceedings, police manned the place and requested the masses to depart the premises because their gathering was illegal. 

However, in an interview with NBS TV on Thursday, the police spokesperson said that the police’s intention was to disperse Hon Francis Zaake and his supporters who were holding political discussions.

Enanga in his interview said that the public is only focused on the picture but not determined to get facts right. He explained the tear gas was aimed at a group 500 meters away from the thanks giving venue but because it can spread up to a distance of one kilometer it circulated and now everyone’s focus is that it was aimed at the group.

‘’The picture that is being presented is that we used teargas at the venue of the Mityana clan meeting, a thanks giving ceremony but that is not true. The tear gas was outside something like 500 meters away, Enanga said.

‘’The tear gas came in as a last resort. There is an open field I think where Hon Francis Zaake and his supporters were holding a presser. Hon David Lwanga when we engaged him, he went but Hon Zaake started addressing the media and his supporters and his event was covered but it was something like 500 meters from this venue.’’

Enanga further explained that the police only adhered to using the teargas after Zaake together with his supporters had refused to depart the meeting venue.

‘’The teargas was more like the last options. We started by talking to Zaake and his supporters to disperse but they refused,’’ he added.

fred enanga teargas mbogo clan members
Enanga said that the police’s intention was to disperse Hon Francis Zaake and his supporters who were holding political discussions not clan members. FILE PHOTO

Meanwhile, this comes at a time when the police through the Inspector General of police, Okoth Ochola earlier this week issued statement apologizing for the disappointing scene. 

Ochola’s apology was passed on by the Police’s Chief Political Commissar, AIGP Asan Kasingye who led a delegation of other senior police officers to visit the retired Bishop at his home in Mityana on Tuesday.

However, while responding to a question of why the police issued the apology, Fred Enanga stressed that they are only apologizing for the quantity of teargas that was used. He said that it would not have spread to the thanks giving venue had they used a small portion of it. 

‘’We are only apologizing simply because even with the use of teargas, the quantity of the teargas might have been much and it ended up finding its way to the venue. This is something quite common you know when people start talking about teargas,’’ Enanga stressed.

‘’Teargas spreads if you have been in the city centre you can see the radiance within which it moves it can spread within a radiance of 700 meters or one kilometer. So our apology is that a small portion of the teargas could have been used.’’