Bobi wine People Power 2021 elections
We have a solution to President Museveni's vote-rigging practices, says Bobi Wine of People Power. File Photo

Bobi Wine reveals plan to fight Museveni’s vote-rigging practices ahead of 2021 general elections

People Power initiator Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu also commonly known as Bobi Wine, has stressed that they are ready to deal with Museveni’s vote-rigging practices come 2021 elections.

Kyagulanyi who also implied that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) under President Museveni has been practising vote-rigging in recent elections insisted that this time round they have organized means to ensure the 2021 elections are free and fair.

“Museveni is planning to rig the election as he has done it in the past but we are banking on overwhelming him because a vote can easily be rigged if it’s not overwhelming,” Bobi Wine said while speaking to Al Jazeera on Saturday.

Also, Kyagulanyi insisted that he is looking to see a peaceful change of leadership and government warning that in case President Museveni tries to tamper with people’s votes then he will see the true colour of Ugandans.

Following the recent Presidential election in 2016, the opposition filed a case to court alleging that the NRM government had rigged the elections.

This was, however, after a series of discussions by judges in court denied implying that there is no clear evidence of vote-rigging as implied by the opposition parties.

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However, Robert Kyagulanyi is hopeful that one day Uganda will see an end to Museveni’s reign like it is already happening in other African countries like Zimbabwe and Sudan.

Bobi wine People Power 2021 elections

Kyagulanyi further revealed that the young generation in Uganda has been denied an opportunity to make decisions and plan for the country yet they contribute to the majority of the population.

“We have been denied an opportunity to contribute to our country. We have been excluded as a new generation. And we desire to contribute to building our country, which we know we are going to live in,” Kyagulanyi said.

Bob Wine also said that most of the country’s sectors mainly health and education are still lagging very behind something affecting the country’s citizens.

Kyagulanyi added that despite strong restrictions from NRM towards him, he is determined to keep pushing to see an end to dictatorship in the country.

“We want the voice of the people to surpass the voice of the guns. We want to put an end to dictatorship and install civilian authority. We want to revive the education system and awaken the healthcare system,” Kyagulanyi added before calling on all youths to fight for a common goal to change leadership.

By John Dalton Kigozi