People Power 2021 elections of Bobi wine
People Power ready to ensure that 2021 elections are not rigged. Photo/Al Jazeera

Bobi Wine: People Power ready to ensure that 2021 elections are not rigged

2021 Uganda elections will not have room for election riggers. This is according to the Kyadondo East legislator, the People Power leader, Robert Kyagulanyi common name Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine while speaking to Al Jazeera on Saturday 30, November 2019, after accusing President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of plotting to rig the 2021 ballot, said that they as People Power are ready to ensure free and fair elections, come 2021.

“We know that Museveni is planning to rig the election as he has done it in the past. But we are banking on overwhelming him because a vote can easily be rigged if it’s not overwhelming,” said Bobi Wine.

In his remarks, while speaking to Al Jazeera, Bobi Wine noted that President Museveni is yet to see the true colours of Ugandans if at all he tampers with votes, come 2021.

He says he does not believe in violence and will ever continue to fight for people’s rights through legal and legitimate ways if government complies with them.

He adds that winds of change are moving across Africa and he believes Uganda will not be spared, come 2021 general elections.

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More to that Bobi Wine said that despite government restrictions and intimidations imposed on opposition politician who is leading the liberation struggle, he will not stop advocating for change and freedoms of Ugandans.

He, however, urged youths to stand strong in what they believe in, never to give up until the battle is over.

“We have been denied an opportunity to contribute to our country. We have been excluded as a new generation. And we desire to contribute to building our country, which we know we are going to live in,” Bobi Wine said.

Further, Bobi Wine disclosed that opposition leaders are in the final stages of reaching an agreement to front a joint candidate to represent them in 2021 president elections.

People Power 2021 elections of Bobi wine
People Power ready to ensure that 2021 elections are not rigged. Photo/Al Jazeera

He said that there’s still a lot to be done in the move to turn Uganda a better country to live in, that includes; fighting dictatorship, cleaning the education and health sector, corruption among others.

“We want the voice of the people to surpass the voice of the guns. We want to put an end to dictatorship and install civilian authority. We want to revive the education system and awaken the healthcare system,” Bobi Wine revealed.

Relatedly, Shaban Bantariza, the Deputy Government Spokesperson said the National Resistance Movement (NRM) would rather go back to the bush and release bullets than succumbing to Bobi Wine’s political pressures.

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Bantariza says if Bobi Wine goes ahead with disturbing Uganda’s peace with his ‘kasukali’ (sugar), the NRM will be forced to respond with bullets.

“If there is anything that wants to take us back from where we came from (in the bush), my guns are ready. I have three of them on standby. Bobi Wine says that he has ‘kasukali’ (sugar), ours is fire. For us we don’t use Kasukali, we shall use fire to put off that kasukali and maintain peace,” Bantariza’s statement reads in part.

Speaking at the Kampala’s NRM leaders meeting at Nakivubo Blue Primary School playground, Bantariza mentioned that no one should think that NRM will hand over power to People Power group, whose intention is to disturb Uganda’s peace, they fought for, years back.

Additionally, he said conflicts between NRM Leaders must end, with immediate effect, because every leader has his or her role to perform.

“We don’t want to hear those conflicts again. The one who appointed the presidential advisers (President Museveni) gave each of you a duty and responsibility. In the army, every soldier has their arc of fire, I want each one of you to focus on your arc of fire,” Bantariza said.

The meeting was arranged by the NRM Chairperson in charge of Kampala Central, Salim Uhuru to resolve fights that had emerged between Party leaders following the recent appointment of Buchaman real names Mark Bugembe, Full Figure and Catherine Kusasira.