Biography of Zambaali Bulasio Mukasa
Zambaali Bulasio Mukasa is a Ugandan sensational news anchor and moderator on both Radio and Television. File Photo

Zambaali Bulasio Mukasa is a Ugandan news anchor and moderator on both Radio and Television. 

He’s one of the celebrated Luganda News Anchors in Uganda. Zambaali Bulasio Mukasa is known for his commanding voice which he says is natural, and articulate Luganda.  

He’s passionate about his career because it’s a base of network and connection to very important people in the country. Zambaali says that working with the media has made him an important and unique person in the country, celebrated by many Ugandans.

However, Zambaali Mukasa says some challenges have crossed over his career, one, there is no privacy. He says many people forget that people in the limelight are also prone to mistakes like any other person.

Zambaali’s Early Life and Education

One thing Zambaali still hold a memory of is about his name Zambaali, as a young child in 1994, young children of about his age made fun of his name.

They had made it a routine to compose funny songs out of his name Zambaali, to the extent that he got home annoyed and hated school, and his name Zambaali.

But his grandmother took responsibility and explained to him the meaning of his name. And ever since then, he learnt to love, appreciate and to be proud of his name.

Another childhood moment Zambaali remembers was after his mother caned him seriously and he told her that I “would shoot you”.

Thirdly, he says one day he told his mother that she’s not his mother, way back in 1993. Zambaali says by saying that; his mother shaded tears in public. 

However, he says this happened because he was not used to her and believed that his grandmother was his real mother.

After completing both Primary School and Secondary School levels, Zambaali joined Makerere University Kampala, admitted under Bachelor of Arts in Tourism. 

However, his studies at Makerere University ended on the way, and he decided to pursue a Diploma in Journalism and Mass-Communication at UMCAT School of Journalism and Mass-Communication and graduated in 2011.     

Zambaali Bulasio Mukasa – Work and Experience

Zambaali Bulasio Mukasa first worked as a site porter in his senior six vacations, after he joined the Diamond Ensemble, and then began his journalism career at Tiger FM as a presenter

But as time went on, his boss at Tiger FM realised that he could anchor news very well, then his boss asked him to start news anchoring, and during that time, he was still a student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism at Makerere University Kampala. 

From Tiger, Zambaali joined Metro FM 90.8, where he worked for one and a half year, and then moved to Beat FM, and after some time, he again joined Capital FM, where he worked from 2011 to 2012.

While working at Tiger, Metro and Beat FM Stations, Zambaali used the salary he earned to facilitate his studies at UMCAT School of Journalism and Mass-Communication.

And in August 2012, Zambaali joined Bulange Mengo based Radio Station CBS and BBS Terefiyina also based in Mengo, from where he worked as a news anchor until July 2019, when he was unveiled by the Kamwokya based station NBS Television Station, as part of the Amasengejje news anchoring team that airs at 7:00 pm and the Barometer (Akasameeme) host, a Luganda talk show programme on NBS TV which airs on Tuesdays at 11:00pm.

Zambaali Bulasio with CEO-Kariisa and NBS TV Head of News Joyce Bagala
Zambaali Bulasio with CEO Kariisa and NBS TV Head of News Joyce Bagala. Photo/NBSTV

NBS unveiled Zambaali Bulasio Mukasa on 23, July 2019. NBS is under Next Media brand alongside Sanyuka Television, Salam TV, Nile Post, Next Radio and Next Production.

He anchors Amasengejje news alongside Joyce Bagala who is the Amasengejje news manager, Hatma Nalugwa Sekaya who’s also on the team, bearing experienced news reporters like Jamilah Mulindwa, Josephat Walugembe among others.

Speaking after he was unveiled to the viewers’ and next media team, Zambaali said that he has joined Next Media ready to serve the viewers of all Next Media platforms.

Happily, as he was, Zambaali promised viewers to work with determination and exploit all skills he had acquired for the 12 years he has practised journalism.

He added that for the time he has worked in the media industry, he has learnt many things.

“I have worked in the media industry, for twelve years and the one who taught me journalism told me that the things you do for your benefit will follow you when you die; but those you do for the society will stay, even if you die.”

“Those are the things that help a country to develop, therefore; I have not come to serve myself, but rather to serve my audience, so let us meet on NBS Amasengejje.” 

And indeed for the time he has served ever since he joined NBS, he has done satisfactory work to us the viewers.

Stress times

When Zambaali Bulasio Mukasa is stressed he says he sleeps, takes a walk by the stream or by the lake shores, watching the flow of water offset his stress.

Sometimes he relieves stress by being funny, taking simple jokes. However, he becomes serious when it comes to business.

First thing in the morning 

Prayer. After saying his morning prayers Zambaali takes a shower, he says he has to be at the workplace by 4:40 am depending on his work schedule.

First thing at the workplace

The first thing Zambaali does after arriving at his work station is arranging everything in order because he hates the disorganised place.

The first book he read

The first book Zambaali read is a Luganda Bible followed by other Luganda novels. He was encouraged by his grandmother to read, understand and master Luganda, to be proud of what everyone cannot do.

Narrating the story, Zambaali said he used to read scriptures and preach the gospel to her grandmother, and by doing that, he learnt a lot and gained experience in the language.

Best meal

Matooke and dry fish mixed with ground nuts.

Best advice

Zambaali’s best advice is from his grandmother, Asinanus Nasimbwa. She told him that; what’s meant to be yours will always be, never rush, but do not relax. God has his timing.

Zambaali Bulasio Mukasa (Centre) joins NBS team
Zambaali Bulasio Mukasa (Centre) joins NBS team

Zambaali Bulasio Mukasa Memorable experience

Zambaali memorable experiences are all work-related. One, the day he decided to resign from Capital FM to join CBS. He narrates that it was a difficult time because at that time he was offered a triple salary increment at Capital FM that’s from 1m to 2.5m.

But he had to leave no matter what, for he had already signed a contract with CBS. His goal was chasing a career, which he achieved through Radio news anchoring.

Zambaali says he made sure that he goes through every challenge he met at his new workplace, by working harder. And by doing so, in one year at his new workplace, that’s CBS Radio, all people that despised him, believed his worth.

Secondly, is recent when Zambaali resigned at BBS Terefiyina to join NBS Television, many people condemned him. It raised a lot of dust, but he had a focussed mind to nurture his career in TV news anchoring and presentation, which he hasn’t achieved while at BBS Terefiyina.

Zambaali says his ambition is to be the best Luganda news anchor both on Radio and Television.