Action Aid Uganda anti-corruption debating clubs
Schools Anti-corruption debating clubs strongly stands in Northern Uganda. Photo/Daily Monitor

Schools Anti-corruption debating clubs strongly stands in Northern Uganda

With support from Action Aid Uganda, the campaign to spread anti-corruption debating clubs in secondary schools has been pushed to the Northern part of the country led by Northern Uganda Debate Society.

The purpose of this campaign according to Action Aid Uganda is to promote transparency and to encourage young people to demand accountability from government leaders

The organisers of this campaign said that this will wipe out corruption and turn Uganda into a corruption-free State.

The Anti-Corruption debating clubs are currently operating in Busia, Hoima, Masindi, Pakwach, Nebbi, Gulu and Amuru district.

Students from Gulu, Amuru Districts engaged in an Anti-Corruption debate where Gulu Town-Based Ocer Campion Jesuit College, emerged the best, followed by Restore Leadership School.

After being announced winners, the two schools were rewarded with trophies and certificates.

Other schools active in the campaign include; St Cyprian SSS, Strive SSS, Masindi SSS, Modern Pride SSS and Kiziranfunzi SS.

While demanding accountability and value for money from government leaders, students said that accountability must start from their schools since charity begins at home.

Justifying their statement, Masindi-based school student said that they managed to force a sports teacher at their school, to refund the money meant for sports trophies he had swindled after the school’s Anti-Corruption Debating Club reported him to the school’s administration.

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According to students for this campaign to be effective, the schools club must appoint; Anti-Corruption class ambassadors’, organise inter-class and school anti-corruption debates, write articles against corruption, compose Anti-Corruption songs and drama, petition public officials and leaders on issues that include shoddy work, lack of drugs in health centres among others.

Action Aid Uganda anti-corruption debating clubs
Schools Anti-corruption debating clubs strongly stands in Northern Uganda. Photo/Daily Monitor

The Officer in Charge of the Anti-Corruption Debate, Philip Kabuye said that the organisation under the 1Paid A Bride platform encourages citizens to report corruption scandals, mobilise young people, mainly those at school to become conscious about the results of corruption.

Kabuye adds that Action Aid Uganda guides students on how to form debating clubs with the help of their teachers who act as club patrons for proper management and sustainability of the formed debating clubs.

“These clubs are used to raise the student’s consciousness to appreciate that public resources like taxes do not belong to civil servants or contractor. They will also grow up knowing how to demand accountability from those holding public offices,” Kabuye said.

Kabuye says the campaign is aimed at upholding transparency, integrity and accountability in youth while still young before joining public or private sectors.

This comes when the Fountain of Honour, President of the Republic of Uganda is preparing to lead an Anti-Corruption walk on Wednesday 4, December 2019, to highlight the gains made in the fight against corruption in the country and pronounce government plans to curb Corruption that’s prevailing in the country.

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Under the Theme: “A corruption-free Uganda; it starts with me,” President Museveni will lead the walk starting from Constitutional Square located in the City Centre at 8 am to Kololo Independence grounds, about 4-kilometre distance.