Miria Matembe Anti-Corruption walk
Former Ethics and Integrity Minister, Miria Matembe trashes Museveni’s impeding Anti-Corruption walk. File Photo

Former Ethics and Integrity Minister, Miria Matembe, ANT leader, Gen Muntu trashes President Museveni’s impeding Anti-Corruption walk

State House on Wednesday 20, November 2019, issued a statement saying that President Museveni on Wednesday 4, December, will lead an Anti-Corruption walk, to highlight gains made in the fight against corruption in the country and pronounce government’s plan to curb corruption, that’s prevailing in the country.

Under the theme: “A corruption-free Uganda; it starts with me.” President Museveni will lead the walk starting from Constitutional Square found in the City centre at 8 am to Kololo Independence grounds, about four-kilometre distance.

Now following the matter, Miria Matembe, former Ethics and Integrity Minister have trashed President Museveni’s plan to lead the Anti-Corruption walk, stating that it’s a sign of failure, by the President to end corruption in the country.

“I was amazed! Because I asked, who is going to be demonstrated against, because if you are the President, and have a government which is supposed to be fighting corruption, and now you get out into the public to lead a demonstration against the failure to fight corruption, aren’t you really saying that I and my government have failed? thereby moving a vote of no confidence in it, glory if that has happened?”

Hon Matembe says it makes no sense for the President to get up on his feet to walk against corruption, yet, the country has two dedicated agencies such as the office of the Inspectorate of Government (IGG), and the State House Anti-Corruption Unit, designed to fight corruption in Uganda.

According to Hon Matembe, it’s surprising to see that the President is going to lead a demonstration against his government, after realising the failures of the institutions he created to fight corruption.

Matembe made the remarks on Monday 25, November during a celebration by Uganda Women’s Network, held at National Theatre in Kampala to end Gender-Based Violence in the country.

President Museveni will be joined by the Speaker of Parliament, Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, Prime Minister, Dr Ruhakana Rugunda, Justice Bart Katureebe, Heads of government Ant-Corruption agencies, officials from different sectors, religious leaders and other leaders in the country.

Nevertheless, the public has been urged to come and join the president in the walk aimed at fighting corruption in the country.

“Other government, religious, traditional and civil society leaders are expected to join the president in the walk,” the statement issued reads in part.

“Members of the public are also urged to join, His Excellency the President in this walk, as a show of their commitment to support the fight against corruption,” the statement added.

The statement further adds that the Anti-Corruption walk is part of Uganda’s participation in the global recognition of the Anti-Corruption week, under the theme: “Promoting Accountability for National Development.”

Relatedly, Gen Mugisha Muntu, the national coordinator of Alliance for National Transformation (ANT Party) said that the planned Anti-Corruption walk event is a mockery and wastage of time with clear intentions of “confusing” the public to believe that President Museveni is so much concerned and has goodwill to fight corruption in Uganda.

“Mr Museveni is incapable of fighting corruption because he uses it to sustain himself in power,” said Gen Muntu.

Gen Muntu says President Museveni’s efforts in the fight against corruption will be accepted when officials cited in corruption scandals are arrested and prosecuted.

In the report produced by Transparency International, in the 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index, Uganda is the among the least corrupt nations in position 149 out of the 175 countries.