FDC Deputy Spokesperson John Kikonyogo Mulago Hospital
FDC wants all MPs, Ministers to receive medical services at Mulago to improve health care delivery. File Photo

FDC wants all MPs, Ministers to receive medical services at Mulago National Referral Hospital to improve health care delivery

FDC has advised the government of Uganda to make it a must, for each Member of Parliament and Cabinet Ministers to receive medical services from Mulago Hospital.

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party Deputy Spokesperson, John Kikonyogo in a media briefing at the party’s headquarters in Najjanankumbi on Monday 25, November, 2019, said that if the country is to help in upgrading government health facilities to promote good health care services to every Ugandan, treatment of MPs and Ministers at Mulago Hospital has to be a must.

Kikoyongo says if MPs and Ministers start receiving medical services at Mulago Hospital, the government will make it a priority to improve service delivery in government facilities to an international level.

He says their concern follows the declining state of Uganda’s health care system which has turned into a death trap, claiming lives of Ugandans.

As a result, Kikonyogo says many government officials have opted to run abroad or seek health care services from private clinics or hospitals, because of the poor service delivery in government facilities.

“This is the reason dignitaries both in government and private sector run to either private clinics or hospitals or abroad for treatment,” Kikoyongo noted.

He adds that;

“Even when Dr Apollo Milton Obote and Idi Amin Dada’s governments have continued to be a measurement of bad government by the NRM, the same had all their children delivered at Mulago Hospital, they were treated from the same facility in 1969, when Dr Milton Obote was shot, he was treated at Mulago National Referral Hospital.”

FDC says this is a clear sign of mistrust in Uganda’s health care system because even a lower staff at State House runs to South Africa, Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi for miner conditions.

“We have seen Museveni’s daughters chartered for private jets to deliver in Germany, a clear indicator of mistrust in our health care system. Unfortunately, people working in hospitals are Ugandans trained Medical doctors (Experts) who ran away from Uganda, because of poor working conditions and remuneration,” Kikoyongo said further.

Kikoyongo cited an example of the late Hajji Medi Kaggwa, Chairperson of the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) who died at Case Hospital where he was rushed for emergency treatment after being found unconscious in his car in the morning of the 20, November 2019, at Mulago roundabout on his way to work.

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In this case, Kikoyongo wonders why he was not rushed to Mulago Hospital, yet he was a few meters away from Mulago National Referral Hospital.

“As we mourn the loss of this great man, many questions continue to linger into the minds of many Ugandans on how a person who collapsed at the entrance of the National Referral Hospital (Mulago) but instead was taken by a Doctor who works in the same National Referral to a private clinic/hospital (Case Hospital) for emergency treatment,” Kikoyongo wondered.

For the last 20 years, according to FDC, the government has spent huge sums of money treating government officials together with their families abroad.

In their analysis, 377bn shillings has been spent in three years to treat government officials and their relatives, which according to FDC could have been used to refurbish Mulago Hospital and upgrade regional referral hospitals to an international level, to benefit each Ugandan.

Kikoyongo also said that the government should get back its land that’s opposite Mulago Hospital and construct doctors quarters, buy vehicles transporting doctors to the hospital for quick service delivery.

“This would benefit all Ugandans irrespective of their positions,” Kikoyongo said. “Also, we should repossess our government land that’s opposite Mulago, build housing units for doctors and provide shuttle vehicles from the Housing Units to Mulago Hospital.”