Ivan Kyeyune of Zungulu
NTV's Zungulu initiator Kyeyune Ivan narrates how he narrowly survived death. File Photo

NTV worker Ivan Kyeyune has narrated how thugs attacked, beat and injured him to near-death

Ivan Kyeyune of Zungulu who was discharged on Sunday says that while he was returning home on Friday 23th November, thugs attacked and beat him.

According to him, his car was in a poor mechanical condition yet he wanted to return home that night which prompted him to use a boda boda.

“On Friday night, it rained a lot. My car had a problem so I requested an Uber and all cars were cancelling but I think it is because the network was overwhelmed. After waiting for an hour, I decided to just take a boda boda because I thought it could rain until morning,” Kyeyune stated in discomfort.

Kyeyune also added that little did he know that the cyclist of the body he boarded would turn violent and assailant towards him.

“The boda boda cyclist plotted with them to kill me,” the former radio Simba presenter added.

Kyeyune who was nearly murdered said that the thieves ambushed him with sharp pangs determined to cut him to pieces but only God came to his rescue.

Kyeyune who yelled on top of his voice for help stated that the thugs cut his head including one of his hands that he used to guard the pang.

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Ivan Kyeyune is the man behind the famous zungulu short news program. It is aired every Friday after NTV Akawungeezi.

By John Dalton Kigozi