bobi wine Museveni using musicians
Bobi Wine advises musicians on President Museveni, he is only using you. File Photo

Bobi Wine warns fellow musicians on President Museveni, he is only using you

Kyadondo East Legislator, Kyagulanyi Ssentamu also commonly known as Bobi Wine has urged musicians to be careful while confiding with President Museveni because he is only using them to achieve his personal goals.

Kyagulanyi who was meeting a group of musicians remarked that President Museveni is only siding with musicians to help him pick up support ahead of the upcoming 2021 general elections but afterwards he will forget them and their struggle.

In a get together meeting themed ‘Bobi for 2021’ held at his home in Magere yesterday, Bobi Wine also advised the few musicians in attendance to forward his piece of advice to their fellow artists urging them to be careful.

“Take this advice to all our fellow artists and show them that we are their real family. Museveni is only using them and it is us that see them as a family because in my eyes you’re all like those decorated generals and the only difference is that you’re more law-abiding than the

He further, stated that his message is aimed at ensuring all Ugandans get united. Also, Bobi Wine told the musicians that he has never seen anyone as fearful as Museveni is.

“Let us send a message that unites all Ugandans. Museveni is not God. He fears a lot and no one is as fearful as he is,” Kyagulanyi said.

bobi wine Museveni using musicians
Bobi Wine advises musicians on President Museveni, he is only using you. File Photo

Bobi wine who also refuted claims of his party People Power comprising of only violent members explained that the party is only determined to see a change in governance through applying peaceful means.

‘’We just love our country and we are using peaceful means to change our country and we are going to do it,” Kyagulanyi added.

Meanwhile, Kyagulanyi called on all his close friends and fellow musicians to be truthful in where they belong because in the past many members have crossed to other parties including the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

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Recently, Ronald Mayinja joined a list of other musicians including Full Figure to side with President Museveni and the NRM party although it is still not clear enough which party the former belongs to the latter already confirmed joining NRM.

However, Bobi Wine indicated that musicians might acquire billions of shillings from the NRM party but they will in return face it rough keeping in touch with common people.

“When you live the life of people, you live forever. Museveni might give you a billion shillings and you fail to find where to eat it from,” Bobi Wine indicated.

By John Dalton Kigozi