During the re-examination of the impounded vehicle Toyota Landcruiser V8, it was established that this vehicle is armoured, he must pay Ush337,698,776. FILE PHOTO

Kyagulanyi, in a statement posted on his social media account, referred to the fees charged by URA as shameful, stating that the car had come to the country legally.

The¬†National Unity Platform party¬†president¬†Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu¬†alias Bobi Wine has described the¬†Uganda Revenue Authority’s move to distort taxes for his armoured car as shameful.

On Thursday, a letter from URA read notifying Kyagulanyi that following a re-examination conducted on his impounded vehicle Toyota Landcruiser V8, it was established that his vehicle is armoured and as a result, he had to pay sh337,698,776.25/= (Uganda Shillings Three hundred thirty-seven million six hundred ninety-eight thousand seven hundred seventy-six only) to be pardoned to have its access again.

URA’s Customs Commissioner, Abel Kagumire said: “The details of Ballistic protection were confirmed as 90 mm for the window upper plate glass and 6 mm for the bottom Hull.”

“It was also established that the declaration made vide Customs reference UGCWH C 54 of 12th February 2021 did bare false hoods of clearing it as a normal vehicle yet it was armored contrary to Sections 203 of the East African Community Customs Management Act. 2004,” added.

However in a statement via his social media handle, Kyagulanyi has regarded the fees charged as shameful claiming that the car came into the country legally.

Kyagulanyi disclosed that the vehicle was cleared by all relevant agencies including the Directorate of Interpol in Kololo, the forensics department as well as the tax body URA.

“In yet another shameful move,¬†Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has written to us today requiring me to pay 337,698,776.25/=¬†(Over three hundred million Uganda shillings) for the vehicle which came into the country legally and was cleared by all relevant agencies. The vehicle was taken to the Directorate of Interpol in Kololo and they cleared it,” Kyagulanyi said.

“It was then taken to the forensics department of police in Naguru, and they too cleared it. Then we took it to URA and they did their own independent verification and levied the relevant tax which we paid.”

He, however, wrote that the government only found it necessary to react after discovering that it was his vehicle. Bobi Wine noted that if the car had been belonging to another citizen, the authorities would not have done anything about it.

“It was only when we transferred the car into my name that they began looking for fault and did not find any. At first they claimed that armoured vehicles require clearance by the Ministry of Defence. But there was no law to back their outrageous claim,” Kyagulanyi added.

“That is how they said it was undervalued. We understand they quickly moved and sacked, demoted or persecuted all URA, Interpol and Police staff who did their job and cleared this vehicle. For no reason whatsoever, they punished them for not knowing that the car would end up in Bobi Wine’s name. Others were summoned by CMI for interrogation!.”

During the re-examination of the impounded vehicle Toyota Landcruiser V8, it was established that this vehicle is armoured, he must pay Ush337,698,776. FILE PHOTO

He further reminded that the regime has since 2018 impounded two of his vehicles during the Arua by-elections. He said this is also yet another trap from those in government to try and stop him from having a feel of his armoured vehicle.

“It will be recalled that the regime impounded two of my vehicles in Arua in 2018 and refused to return them to me up to now! So countrymen and women, this is where we are. All public institutions are personalised by Gen. Museveni who does with them whatsoever he pleases,” Kyagulanyi reminded.

“As I have consistently said, when you take on Museveni, you have taken on all government institutions and they will gang up against you. The God who defends the weak against the strong is on our side. In the end, we shall look back to these trials and tribulations and make a pledge never to repeat the same mistakes. We shall overcome! The forces of evil may do all these things, but they never win in the end. Examples are all over.”