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10 best buffet restaurants in Kampala, Uganda (1)
If you find it difficult to pick just one meal when dining out, you'll likely enjoy our buffet list.

When dining out, it can be hard to choose only one meal. What you need is a buffet. We’ve put together a list of the 10 best restaurants in Kampala, Uganda.

We have compiled a list of our best 10 buffet restaurants in Kampala, Uganda for you if you are selective about what you eat, or if you find it difficult to choose just one meal when dining out.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one dish because buffets provide hundreds of different meal combinations. The expense of ordering multiple items at any other restaurant can add up if you enjoy having a variety at your table. 

Here are the 10 best buffet restaurants in Kampala, Uganda.

Capital Kitchen

Capital Kitchen is a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers “ALL YOU CAN EAT” service and a variety of food and drinks. They are situated on Plot 11 of Thobani Towers on Kampala Road.

At Capital Kitchen, you may sample a variety of gourmet items from their interactive live buffet, including sushi, pizza, biryani, churrasco, teppanyaki, luwombo, sharwama, stir-fried dishes, curries, and authentic French pastries.

Asian Fusion

Asian Fusion located on Plot 1 Kafu Rd, Kampala serves one of the best buffets in town. One thing about them is that they have nice indoor and outdoor seating, but that’s not all of course.

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Their menu consists of a mix of Asian and Chinese cuisines. One can choose from tandoori delights, Indian curry, a Chinese course, and a continental menu. They also have chicken and chips, including biryani and curry.

Because they’ve been serving their unique buffet for 10 years, we thought it only right to list them among the 10 best buffet restaurants in Kampala Uganda.

Ethiopian Village

Ethiopian Village Restaurant, located in Kabalagala, is famous for its Ethiopian dishes.

Their menu includes appetizers such as ( sambusa, lentil soup, Ethiopian selata, and azifa) which are non-,s as well. Though they also prepare vegan dishes. 

Also in the buffet is chicken (Doro Wot, Doro Tibs,) lamb, beef, fish, and drinks to wash everything down.

For a large buffet, however, it’s important to ask for availability first as the restaurant only prepares upon order. Otherwise, with their extensive food choices, everyone will have something their taste buds will like.

Romeo’s Restaurant

Romeo’s Restaurant, located in Ntinda serves the best lunch buffet at an affordable price. 

Guests will notice that they have both great inside and outdoor seating. Plus, guests can serve themselves as much food as they want and the cost of this buffet is just 20,000ugx which is about $6.USD.

best buffet restaurants in Kampala (1)

Café Russell

If you crave an all-you-can-eat Ugandan buffet in Kampala, Café Russell is just the place for you.

Their Ugandan buffet is both delicious and inexpensive. Guests can sample a variety of foods such as matooke, posho, sweet potatoes, rice, Irish potatoes, gonja, pumpkin, yams, and chapati to stews – beef, chicken, beans, and peas.

Also, guests must keep time as the buffet is only available from noon to three o’clock. Additionally, they charge UGX 15,000 for food and dessert. Please note that prices may change.

Cielo lounge

As a new entrant to our top ten best buffet restaurants in Kampala Uganda, Cielo Restaurant offers one of the best buffets in town.

Kisementi is a bustling neighbourhood today with a wide variety of restaurants and bars, but few of them serve buffets apart from Cielo of course. 

They began as a high-end bar and lounge in December and have since established a buffet with a focus on serving local cuisine. 

Their food is well prepared and a plate goes for just 20,000 which at least most Ugandans can afford.

Izumi Restaurant and Lounge

Izumi Restaurant and Lounge is among the few restaurants in Uganda that offer Pan Asian dining

They serve mainly 3 cuisines that are Japanese, Thai, and Sushi which are also quite affordable.

Their buffet menus give you that Asian experience even when you are still here in Kampala. Visit them today to try out Thai cuisine, Japanese cuisine, steaks, grills, Dim sum, and sushi.

If you still have some room, you can try out their complimentary beverages and dessert. We trust you won’t be disappointed.

Furaha Restaurant and Lounge

Furaha Restaurant is located on Kagugube road, Makerere hill, Opposite Makerere University Hospital, Kampala.

Just like the name Furaha most of the foods are “Swahili foods”, so you can expect a Swahili dining experience.

Their menu offers guests a well-balanced and reasonably priced selection of food and beverages that will appeal to a wide range of guests. Their concept is Swahili, and this is supplemented with Continental cuisine. 

Their setting creates an original and cutting-edge fine dining ambience that guests will love.

Mythos Greek Taverna and Lounge

2014 saw the opening of Mythos Restaurant, which has a passion for Greek and African heritage. The owners sought to open a restaurant that offers the greatest Greek cuisine in Kampala in a classy, cosy, and welcoming setting.

Both classic Greek dishes like moussaka and more contemporary selections like chicken souvlaki are available on the menu. 

The mezze platter, one of their most popular dishes, is the ideal starter for a family or group of friends going out to dine because it includes something for everyone.

Every Sunday afternoon, a fantastic and genuine Congolese buffet is offered at Mythos. It is rumoured to be the best in the area. Only available on Sundays from 12 to 3 p.m., you don’t want to miss it.

La Cabana Restaurant

La Cabana Restaurant is one of the restaurants in Kampala offering a range of foods that you can call a “buffet.”

They excel at making Indian and continental cuisine, among other things. However, despite how convenient they are, their costs seem a little expensive compared to most. 

To be able to afford their exquisite meals, you must have additional cash in your wallet. The best thing is that they always deliver what they say they have.

At the end of the day, we’re recommending La Cabana Restaurant as one of the 10 best buffet restaurants in Kampala, Uganda because, well, their buffet is too notch and their ambience is everything. 


With this information on the 10 best buffet restaurants in Kampala, Uganda, you can sit back, relax and decide where you’re going to have your next dinner buffet or lunch buffet, maybe even breakfast. 

Don’t forget to invite a friend or two if you can because it’s going to be an all-you-can-eat special.