Real Estate Companies in Uganda (1)

In Uganda, the real estate industry is among the fastest-growing. However, becoming one of the top real estate companies in Uganda is tough.

One of the fastest-growing industries in Uganda is real estate. However, the competition to make it to one of the top real estate companies in Uganda is stiff. 

This is because many businesses are dealing in real estate throughout the country.

For this reason, real estate companies are constantly striving to be the best of the best, that’s if they’re to get chosen over the many.

The best real estate companies in Uganda will be discussed in this article. In the context of home buying and selling, each of these has established a reputation for itself. 

Know that they are some of the biggest and best real estate companies available today if you’re searching for one.

Property Services

Property Services Limited

Property Services Limited, a property and estates management company founded in 1990, has helped to build several properties that have grown to become recognizable landmarks in Kampala. 

As a real estate development company, they have developed over the years and are currently among the top real estate developers in the area. 

The business also oversees, buys, and sells real estate in Uganda.

Crane Management Services Limited

Crane Management Services Limited, a division of the Ruparelia Group of Companies, has a history that dates back to the 1990s. 

It has developed into Uganda’s top real estate company and has expanded across East Africa. Among the real estate sectors offered by the company are office space, retail space, commercial space, residential space, warehousing, and consultation.

Nationwide Properties 

Customers of Nationwide Properties should anticipate receiving the best possible service. 

As a subsidiary of Property Services Limited, the residences of Nationwide Properties are situated on 170 acres in the lakeside community of Butabika, just a short distance from the renowned GEMS Cambridge International School, the Sunrise Leisure Club, and the entertainment and retail options of Village Mall Bugolobi. 

Based on 3, 4, and 5-bedroom living spaces, the estate currently houses 4 separate courts (Virgo, Aries, Taurus, and Leo).

Eastlands Agency

Ugandan capital Kampala is where Eastlands Agency is situated. The opportunities offered by Eastlands Agency are nearly endless. 

They own a variety of properties, including small acreages, elaborate family homes, and basic residences. The company focuses on real estate development, brokerage, title transfer, and property management.

For those who own property in Uganda but live and work abroad, Eastlands Agency specializes in offering estate management services.

Knight Frank Uganda Ltd

Knight Frank Uganda Ltd

Of all the top real estate companies in Uganda, Knight Frank, a well-known residential and commercial agent in Kampala, has the largest residential agency portfolio. 

The company offers a range of agency investment, and professional consulting services, working with private persons, developers, investors, banks, corporate occupiers, and public sector organizations.

Bageine and Company

Bageine and Company (1)

Bageine and Company which was founded in 1989 are the first business to offer a variety of expert services for real estate investing. 

The management of facilities, site acquisition, and property management for estate agents are just a few of the service areas where they have been at the forefront. 

It’s safe to say they’ve done it all, something that qualifies them as a top real estate company in Uganda.

Kamugasha Agencies

Kamugasha Agencies are situated on Parliament Avenue, Kampala Uganda. The business offers dependable and expert services in the areas of property management, real estate brokerage, auctioning, and debt collecting.

 To safeguard and preserve its clients’ interests and assist them in getting the best returns on their rental property investments, the business provides services to them with dedication.

Zion Estates

For more than ten years, Zion Construction Limited has operated under the name Zion Estates. 

The business specializes in purchasing huge parcels of land near Kampala, subdividing it, and selling individual pieces of land in attractive estates. 

With over 10,000 property titles completely sold out and a stock of more than 15,000 land titles, Zion Estates is one of the top real estate companies in Uganda.

Kamoga Property Consultants

A real estate company named Kamoga Property Consultants was founded in 2010. 

By presenting property listings combined with valuation and price trend data, as well as extensive property data and local market information in one location, it aims to deliver the most useful online real estate experience. 

Kamoga offers a variety of services, including the selling of homes, lots of land.

Nile Properties

Nile Properties provides real estate consulting services within Jinja and surrounding areas. 

Their services include real estate consultancy, real estate investment guidance, valuation and management, architecture, design, and planning which are all services they provide. 

The company offers real estate and development services that are specifically catered to the needs of its client’s, thanks to its exceptional awareness of their needs.

Royale Property Consultants

Royale Property Consultants, who are now fully registered in Uganda, have a wealth of expertise in the country’s real estate sector. 

Their main areas of business are providing property management, brokerage, and real estate professional services to all Ugandans living inside and outside of the nation.

Donville Properties Ltd

If you’re looking for top real estate companies in Uganda, then Donville Properties is just the right one. They provide professional property management services with individualized approaches. 

Donville’s management aims to provide quality service, ethics, and accountability, all of which ensure the highest returns on your investment while keeping your property in top condition.

Ecoland Property Services

Everything from property sales, and rentals, to leases, are the focus of Ecoland Property Services. They are among the top real estate companies in Uganda for industrial, commercial, residential, and agricultural properties. 

They assist local and international real estate investors to buy properties in Uganda as a property management and real estate brokerage company.

Riverstone Africa

Property Management Riverstone Africa Limited was established in 2015 in accordance with Ugandan legislation, with a primary concentration on property management.

As one of the top real estate companies in Uganda, they specialize in cost engineering, project planning, and property appraisal and consultancy.


Selecting the ideal real estate company for your needs is one of the most important variables in deciding your quality of work. Because each real estate firm is unique, it can be confusing to zero down on one. 

Use our offered list of top real estate companies in Uganda to objectively assess your needs and the company’s specific offerings to discover how to choose the right real estate company for you.