Kasubi Royal Tombs reconstruction
6bn injected in reconstruction work at Kasubi Royal Tombs by Buganda government. File Photo

6bn shillings injected into the reconstruction work at Kasubi Royal Tombs by Buganda government

As the move by the Buganda Kingdom to reconstruct the royal burial grounds, Kasubi Royal Tombs proceeds, the Kingdom has so far injected 6bn Uganda shillings in the project.

The statement that was released on Saturday 23, Nov 2019, by the Kabaka’s spokesperson, Dick Kasolo signed by Noah Kiyimba, Buganda Kingdom Information Minister indicated that 2.5bn were spent on the construction of the Chief Princess in charge of the Tombs official residence, of the about 63-acre perimeter wall.

Including other Tombs caretakers’ houses, alongside solar and water system installation.

The statement also indicated that the central government pledged a contribution of 12bn shillings towards the reconstruction of the royal tombs, and so far, 300 Uganda shillings have been handed to the Kingdom by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

“The Kingdom has so far spent shs6bn of which shs4bn was raised by the Kingdom,” the statement said.

“Satisfied with the accountability, the government pledged another 12 billion shillings of which President Museveni handed over 300 million on November 18,” the statement added.

Accordingly, Buganda Kingdom is yet to install firefighting equipment using the funds to be donated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

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But according to the statement, every work will be done in line with the Buganda cultural norms and values.

“The Kingdom of Buganda is working hard to ensure that restoration of the tombs is complete. However, it will not rush through the tedious work to ensure all the cultural norms required to complete the works are followed,” the statement said.

In February this year, the Buganda Kingdom Premier, Charles Peter Mayiga on his visit to the site expressed optimism, he said that one thing that has caused a delay is technical works that needed a lot of skills for the case of the wall and the roof.

However, he said that the tombs would be reopened soon after completion.

“It is very encouraging although it has taken us a while to get to this stage and the factors for the apparent delay are obvious,” said Mayiga.

“The tombs are not a big hut, but the resting place of kings. There are rituals and values, lots of intangibles have to be considered. It is a huge task, and you must do it carefully, diligently to ensure that you get out the right results,” Mayiga added.

Kasubi Royal Tombs were established in 1856 by the demised Kabaka of Buganda, Mukaabya Walugembe Muteesa 1.

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In March 2010, the Royal Tombs gutted fire and were destroyed completely. They are the core of Buganda’s spirituality and a Ssekabaka Muteesa 1, former headquarters. It’s reconstruction work ever since its destruction began in 2013.