Five most luxurious celebrity ceremonies in Uganda
Five most luxurious celebrity ceremonies to remember in Uganda - Rema Namakula, SK Mbuga and more. Photo/Facebook

Five most luxurious celebrity ceremonies to remember in Uganda – Rema Namakula, SK Mbuga and more

Celebrity weddings and introductions in Uganda are the most anticipated luxurious events in everyone’s lives. While ceremonies and rituals can vary from culture to culture, almost all weddings and introductions are the same.

It is a momentous occasion for two people to unite and become one in the eyes of men and God, a celebration of life and love, the beginning of a lifelong commitment.

Such ceremonies may be simple and subtle. But for a celebrity, weddings and introduction ceremonies should be lavish, luxurious and grand. Such extravagance can sometimes break and set all-time records.

The possibilities are probably endless, but these are the 5 most luxurious celebrity ceremonies in Uganda, which are unforgettable led by Rema, SK Mbuga, Catherine Kusasira and others.

#1. Rema Namakula and Hamza Sebunya


Singer Rema Namakula finally introduced her boyfriend Dr Hamza Ssebunya to her family and friends in Bataka village Nabbingo along Masaka road yesterday the 14, November 2019, in a lavish event.

Quite a good number of visitors attended the event mostly high profile people from the Buganda Kingdom, government officials, media personalities, musicians, comedians, actors, business personalities, religious leaders and Kwagalana crew members.

Maama wa Buganda, Sylvia Nagginda was the guest of honour followed by former Buganda Katikiros owek. JB Walusimbi, Owek. Joseph Mulwanya Muli, Nalinya, Namasole, abalangira na bambejja and other Buganda officials.

Other guests include; Godfrey Kirumira who was the chairperson organising committee, singer Halima Namakula, Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata Batte B2C, Comedian Salvado, Winnie Nwagi, Justice Stephen Kavuma, Fifi da Queen, Ronald Mayinja, Joanita Kawalya of Afrigo Band, Kasuku, Kiyimba Freeman, Ssegirinya Muhamad, Rita Kalibala of Dembe FM, the ARIMA Award winner Irene Namatovu, Annet Nandujja, Maama Fiina, Maurine Nantume, Pr Wison Bugembe, and many other personalities in the country.

Dr Jose Chameleon was around at the event, but he did not perform and after a short while, he went away. Dr Ssebunya, Rema’s husband to be smartly dressed in an expensive green suit, white Kanzu and an Islamic cape labelled white on the front, set off from Kabila Country Club in Bukoto amidst tight security together with his family and friends to Nabbingo where the introduction ceremony was to happen.

Security guarding Dr Ssebunya and his crew was manned by Team Matovu Events’, security guards in times of Joyful events for instance; introduction, wedding events and the likes, to avoid unwanted guests from accessing the event in addition to carrying loads like gifts.

The security team was smartly dressed from top to bottom, very calm gently men but serious. They were donned in a red T-Shirt and others in orange T-shirts, arms marked black branded with Dr Ssebunya’s photo and name, with black trousers, whereby one can easily identify them.

He went with a delegation of over 300 high profile people smartly dressed in a car entourage consisting of every type of expensive car brand ranging from 10m to 500m Uganda Shillings, all heading to Nabbingo.

At Kabila Country Club, the park yard was filled up with vehicles of all kinds. Before setting off, Ssebunya’s expensive and smartly dressed guests all in expensive outfits, had a lavish breakfast, first.

#2. SK Mbuga and Vivian Birungi

Vivian Birungi introduced her better half Kampala City Tycoon, Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga best known as SK Mbuga to her parents in Seguku Katale along Entebbe Road.

The event paralysed city businesses as the tycoon headed to his in-laws’ house escorted by a motorcade of the most expensive and posh cars that includes Range Rovers, Ferrari, some in personalised number plates and many others, so his appearance on the most luxurious celebrity ceremonies in Uganda is no surprise.

SK Mbuga was smartly dressed in an expensive Indian outfit that matched his best man’s outfit. Guests on the events involved government officials, politicians, musicians’, religious leaders, actors, comedian, guests from Sweden among others.

Among religious leaders who attended the event included the controversial Muslim cleric, Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata Batte and others. SK Mbuga offered a certificate of Buganda, Sylvia Nabagereka picture to his father-in-law as well. SK Mbuga did not stop at that, he offered a Benz car to his brother-in-law. As you know gold is measured in kilograms to determine its price.

And among the gifts, Birungi gave to her fiancée included expensive fumes that SK Mbuga loves the most. Guests enjoyed the event, every attendee was so happy, they ate alongside lots of drinks, and for decoration, it was excellent. Splashing money was the order of the day, US dollars flying at every corner.

#3. Catherine Kusasira and Fred Seruga

In 2018, musician Catherine Kusasira joined our list of most luxurious celebrity ceremonies in Uganda after introducing her long-time boyfriend Fred Seruga to her parents’ home in Kikyusa Luweero District on Friday 20, April, as the tradition demands.

Kusasira’s on and off relationship was finally sealed, joining the list of respected singers who held the traditional marriage ceremony in Uganda. This arrived after the two cohabited for 18 years, of which the two have children. It was attended by almost all artists in the country, characterised by a fair share of drama.

Catherine Kusasira introduced her long-time boyfriend Fred Seruga
Catherine Kusasira introduced Fred Seruga. Photo/New Vision

Singer Rema Namakula was the artiste who led Kusasira out of the house to meet her husband to be and the rest of the guests.

This was after Sseruga had been accepted as a son and blessed by Kusasira’s parents in the house where they went for a short time. On the pulpit, Kusasira was again showered with money one note after another, from some of her guests. And a lot of excitement filled up the event.

Kusasira’s sister was the Matron, she then collected the money and kept it aside.

it’s has been so long since we as artistes were together in the same place in a very happy mood, thanks for bringing us together.

She was so excited, happy and danced to every song sang by every musician. Kusasira even asked for a microphone and sang alongside singer Little Boss, as he performed one of his singles.

When it came to decoration, it was amazing, colourful and very beautiful. Kusasira as well gave her long-time fiancée gifts that include Wine, grapes among other gifts. The ceremony was going on well until Chameleon landed on the self-proclaimed gossip president, Josephat Sseguya of Bukedde TV. Chameleon draw warning toward the gossip president that he should stop gossiping about him.

However, his intention was not to disorganise the event, as it turned to, he wanted to only pass a message to a person he for long wanted to confront. Perhaps, he also wanted to draw some attention, because celebrities were many at the ceremony and maybe, he wanted all the attention on him as always.

Chameleon will never stop amusing the public because at every function he attends, he always does things that will make him the talk of the day. Leaving the stage, Chameleon splashed money to the guests that caused a bit of commotion, as people around struggled to pick the money he threw.

The furious Singer who promised to beat up the gossip president informed him that however much he tries to black paint his name, he will never put him down. Chameleon, however, asked him to respect his age and stop acting childishly.

#4. Comedian MC Mariachi

Comedian MC Mariachi real names Charles Kasozi bowed down to pressure from her fiancée’s family Lydia Mirembe Bwogere who were cohabiting and accepted to conduct the traditional marriage ceremony as Bwogere’s family had demanded.

MC Mariachi joins our list of Most Luxurious Celebrity Ceremonies in Uganda after bowing down to pressure from her fiancée’s family
MC Mariachi joins our list of Most Luxurious Celebrity Ceremonies in Uganda after bowing down to pressure from her fiancée’s family

First MC Mariachi was asked by Bwogere’s parents to conduct the Kukyala ceremony after the two began living together at MC Mariachi’s home in Nansana, illegally. And then after the Kukyala ceremony, again Bwogere’s Senga’s pressured Mariachi to conduct the introduction ceremony, if not they take away their daughter from him.

Not a single day can pass by, without comedian MC Mariachi throwing jibes at people from the east, every time he gets on stage. But the secret was finally uncovered, he was having a relationship with a woman from the eastern region of Uganda.

While musicians’ sing love songs, comedians spend much of their time ridiculing love and the marriage institution. Lydia Mirembe introduced her better part MC Mariachi to her parents at their home in Nakabago Kamuli District, in Eastern Uganda.

Since it was a comedian being introduced, the whole event was characterised with comedy from the very start till the time it ended.

Juma Seiko, Miles Lwamiti, Cindy, Kasuku, Godi Godi, John Segawa, Alex Muhangi who was the best man, Madrat & Chiko, Senga Sebanga, Sheikh Umar, Flavia Namulindwa, Geosteady among others.

#5. Judith Babirye  

Queen of Gospel Music in Uganda Judith Babirye, on Saturday 28, July 2018, introduced the love of her life to her parents at a secret ceremony that took place at Las Vegas Hotel in Bunga amidst tight security, after years of separation with her first husband, Samuel Niiwo.

The two had a child named Nana Mulungi Li. Babirye introduced Hon Paul Musoke Ssebulime, his fellow legislator and a pilot by profession to her parents at a glamorous introduction ceremony. The venue was reportedly communicated to the guests a few hours to the event.

Many people were anxiously waiting to see how it all goes down, following the earlier threats from one of Ssebulime’s wives named Lukiya. She claimed Babirye, the Buikwe North legislator snatched her husband Sebulime from her and she promised never to let the marriage function between Singer Babirye and Ssebulime to happen.

Babirye’s daughter was among the people who wished her a happy introduction ceremony. Babirye in excitement danced happily together with Baliruno and Bugembe as they sang one after the another.

The next entertainment was done by Babirye herself as she danced along with her new love. Security was very tight, in that before accessing the venue, one has to present a card at the hotel’s entrance. And for journalists, entrance to the venue was permitted to selected persons. At Babirye’s Kwanjula event, welcoming and greeting the guests was only done by her sisters, Senga’s and close relatives.

Manifesting their happiness and excitement, the guests gave Babirye different kinds of gifts ranging from foodstuffs, electronics and hard cash among others as they expressed their gratitude for what has happened.

Among the guests who gave Babirye hard cash was Singer Hanson Baliruno, Babirye’s best friend. Baliruno is a gospel artiste signed under Judith Babirye’s music band. He handed Babirye a cash gift of 1,000 US Dollars equivalent to 3.7m Uganda shillings all in 100 notes one at a time, on camera.

Baliruno said it’s Babirye who taught him how to make money, so it was high time to bless her mentor with money. Among the maids, her daughter Nana was inclusive, whom she introduced to her better half Ssebulime.

Babirye and Ssebulime appeared to cut the cake, fed themselves and then served their guests. She said the reason why the event was secret is that she did not have enough money to feed all the people who love her.

She invited Pastor Imelda Namutebi Kula of Lugala Worship Centre and Pastor Irene Manjeri of Bethel Healing Centre along Namirembe Road to bless their marriage.