Rema introduces Hamza Ssebunya
Rema Namakula finally introduces her fiancée Dr Hamza Ssebunya. Photo/Facebook/Rema

Rema Namakula finally introduces her fiancée Dr Hamza Ssebunya

Singer Rema Namakula finally introduces her boyfriend Dr Hamza Ssebunya to her family and friends in Bataka village Nabbingo along Masaka road yesterday the 14/November, 2019.

Quite a good number of visitors attended the event mostly high profile people from the Buganda Kingdom, government officials, media personalities, musicians, comedians, actors, business personalities, religious leaders and Kwagalana crew members.

Maama wa Buganda, Sylvia Nagginda was the guest of honour followed by former Buganda Katikiros owek. JB Walusimbi, Owek. Joseph Mulwanya Muli, Nalinya, Namasole, abalangira na bambejja and other Buganda officials witnessed as Rema introduces Hamza Ssebunya.

Other guests include; Godfrey Kirumira who was the chairperson organising committee, singer Halima Namakula, Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata Batte, B2C, Comedian Salvado, Winnie Nwagi, Justice Stephen Kavuma, Fifi da Queen, Ronald Mayinja, Joanita Kawalya of Afrigo Band, Kasuku, Kiyimba Freeman, Ssegirinya Muhamad, Rita Kalibala of Dembe FM, Irene Namatovu, Annet Nandujja and many other personalities in the country attended Rema Hamza Ssebunya introduction.

Dr Jose Chameleon was around at the event, but he did not perform and after a short while he went away. 

Dr Ssebunya Rema’s husband to be set off from Kabila Country Club in Bukoto amidst tight security together with his family and friends to Nabbingo where the introduction ceremony was to happen.

He went with a delegation of over 300 expensive people smartly dressed in a car entourage consisting of every type of expensive car brand ranging from 10m to 500m Uganda Shillings, all heading to Nabingo.

Dr Ssebunya arrived early enough at 1 pm with his vehicle labelled Rema Ssebunya on the number plate and few other vehicles. However, the guest parked vehicles at Trinity College Nabbingo to avoid congestions, and then other big car delegated to pick them dropped every guest to the function.

However, after reaching Nabbingo just a few metres away from the event venue, Dr Ssebunya stood inside his car in the open roof, waved to the onlookers and bystanders.

And then suddenly he picked out bundles of money and started spreading it out to the crowds as people struggled to pick the money. Also, a truck full of bread came along giving out bread to everyone who came across the vehicle.

This caused a lot of excitement and commotion as people where so happy to be served with money and bread from their beloved Singer’s husband to be, who had come to marry his wife Rema Namakula.

Speaking shortly to the media Dr Ssebunya who was smartly dressed in an expensive green suit, white Kanzu and black Islamic cap labelled white on the front, thanked every individual who had supported them during this trying times.

Ssebunya said he loves Rema so much and among her song, he likes ‘Akaliro’. However, he denied owning any Facebook account, and whatever, has been published on those accounts is none of his business.

“I thank people who have been there for us, during these times, supported us all over the world. God bless you all,” Ssebunya said. “I am not on any social media platform, I don’t have a Facebook account, I have an image to protect. So whatever, has been circulating on those accounts it’s none of my business, but God will judge them. The only thing I have is WhatsApp and am very rear on it.” 

Then after arriving at the event venue, Ssebunya was taken inside the house to be born as a child in the house and then returned to the function.

Rema introduces Ssebunya to family
Singer Rema Namakula introduces husband Hamza Ssebunnya

In his speech, Ssebunya promised to love Rema unconditionally until the very end. He said Rema is his personal friend and asked God to lead them in their marriage.

“I promise you Rema, I will always adore you! She’s my best friend, I call her my beauty, that’s what I saved in my phone book, not out of a lie, but I saved what I feel on my heart. She’s my person, I am yours forever., I love you not because of the way you look, but it’s from my heart. I love you so much and I will love you forever, Inshah Allah,” Ssebunya sweet words to Rema stated.

He continued and said; “I pray that the almighty God leads us in our marriage and I pray that all the doors open, and we will open every door together.”

After the speech, he then handed his wife a guitar labelled with Rema’s photo to prove his true love for Rema.

“This guitar is to prove my love for you! I love you! I love you! I love you. I know you have a talent and with this guitar, you will play for me nice melodies I love, and I pray that whoever will talk to you whether, in a good or bad way, you play the guitar,” Ssebunya added.

Also, Rema, in her message to her better half said that she’s more than ready to be a wife to him.

“I am ready, I have the love, I know myself, enjoy the love right, Rema told her husband Dr Ssebunya.

The couple was smartly dressed in the most elegant and expensive outfits with matching colours they changed one after the other. First Dr Ssebunya appeared in a green suit while Rema, in her first appearance, was in a white Gomesi with fine stones and a green ‘Kitambala’, then they changed into pink and then lastly in a blue Nigerian outfit.

Rema and Ssebunya were so happy, excited on their day danced to every song played that made the event so colourful and good. 

A lot of gifts were donated to the Rema’s family ranging from foodstuffs, electronics, furniture and many others.

The decoration was so good, it was white, black and gold colours which turned the function so colourful, while the cake was decorated white bearing four ladders very nice and tasty cake.