Sheikh Muzaata urged men to marry women officially and advised girls not to accept illegal marriages. File Photo
Sheikh Muzaata urged men to marry women officially and advised girls not to accept illegal marriages. File Photo

Sheikh Muzaata urged men to marry women officially and advised girls not to accept illegal marriages, use Rema Kwanjula ceremony as an example

The controversial Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata Batte was among the guests who attended Rema Namakula’s lavish Kwanjula ceremony held yesterday at Nabbingo Bataka village along Masaka road.

The event happened under very strict security characterised by counter-terrorism, LDU and police. Every guest accessing the vicinity underwent a thorough check and entry was restricted, some journalists were blocked from entry, according to them, they wanted few cameras in to avoid congestion.

First, Sheikh Muzaata thanked Maama Nabagereka Sylvia Nagginda who was the guest of honour for accepting to appear on Rema Kwanjula ceremony and then informed her that musicians of the time are spoilt enough and undisciplined in terms of dressing.

It’s very rear for Maama Nabagereka to appear on your function and sit almost to the end of the event, but on Rema Namakula Kwanjula ceremony, Maama Nabagereka arrived early at 10 am and stayed almost to the end of the event.

“I’ve never seen Maama Nabagereka sitting on an event for a numbery of hours like today. Rema is still young, she has seen and lived in the world of musicians’ which thinks that showing off your th*ghs is singing. The message we want from your music is not on your th*ghs that you want to show us,” Muzaata informed Maama Nabagereka.

“I once was on TV, watching Ssabasajja at the palace, but you had brought in necked musicians disgracing the Kabaka. Then I saw Ssabasajja being taken off the event,” Sheikh Muzaata added.

Also, he revealed some disciplined and decent musicians’ after praising Rema and thanking her for being a good and disciplined child. 

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He, however, urged musicians to fight, revise their behaviours and change their world, which has been damaged by the bad characters. 

Muzaata as well requested Maama Nabagereka to organise ‘ekisakatte’ for the big girls from universities. He says girls from higher institutions of learning are so much spoilt and blinded, they don’t know anything about marriage or the value of marriage.

All they know and look forward to is a job, yet the job is supposed to find them in marriage.

“I was at a graduation ceremony and asked the girls now school is done, what next? They answered the job. All their mind and focus is on jobs, not knowing that the job finds you in marriage. DECIDE before you surrender everything unto God. Whoever God brings I will go with him, those times are terrible,” said Muzaata.

Additionally, Muzaata as well blamed guests for not being happy enough on Rema’s day after he noticed that the guests did not make any loud shout after Rema and Hamza hugged themselves so closely.

He said in such occasions, they need to set aside their troubles and be happy for this one-day event. However, he did not spare the media which tarnished his name by publishing groundless statements after Rema’s Kukyala ceremony.

“These people pretend to be our friends, so good, yet they are not,” Muzaata referred to media.

He says he was furious but after this event, he has forgiven everyone who insulted him during that time on the media and social media including Full Figure who badly abused him.

Rema Ssebunya family Nabbingo
IN PICTURES: Rema introduces husband Hamza Ssebunya

In his further remarks, Sheikh Muzaata urged men to marry women officially and advised girls not to accept illegal marriages. He said girls should refuse to bear children before marrying them.

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He also said even if it’s someone’s woman and you feel she’s your wife, go and marry her officially.

And then Muzaata thanked Kwagalana group for all the support rendered towards Dr Ssebunya in organising his big day.

This time around Sheikh Muzaata’s message was rotated around Rema, Hamza and the event, in particular, he did not say anything again about Eddy Kenzo, which was quite good.

Eddy Kenzo earlier on requested to be invited and perform at her friend’s million-dollar function, but he was not invited. He then decides to leave the country a day before the function to go attend a music event in Dubai to happen this weekend alongside other African music stars including Diamond Platnumz.

Nevertheless, via his social media platforms’, Kenzo congratulated his ex-girlfriend Rema, wished them a happy marriage and even shared photos of them on his page.

Other guests included; the Kwagalana crew members, business personalities, government officials, media personalities, Buganda Kingdom officials’, musicians, comedians, actors among other high profile personalities.

Among them included; Godfrey Kirumira who was the chairperson organising committee of the event, former Katikiiros of Buganda JB. Walusimbe, Joseph Mulwanya Muli Ssemwogerere, Maama Namasole, Maama Nalinya, abalangira na bambejja, Maama Fiina, Freeman Kiyimba, Annet Nandujja, Ronald Mayinja, Justice Kavuma, Joanita Kawalya of Afrigo Band, the AFRIMA Award winner Irene Namatovu, Maurine Nantume, Ritah Kalibala of Dembe FM, uncut team Zahara Toto and Anatalia from NBS, B2C, Comedian Salvado, Kasuku, Winnie Nwagi and many other personalities.

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Many of the musicians’ performed, Jose Chameleon was present but did not perform, and then after a short while, he left the Rema Kwanjula ceremony.