Justice Byabakama Voters register display
Electoral Commission (EC) ends Voters register display, no more extensions. File Photo

Justice Byabakama of the Electoral Commission (EC) says Voters register display ends, no more extensions

Justice Byabakama of the Electoral Commission briefed the country on the voters register display exercise that commenced on February 19 at all 34,344 polling stations across the country and ended yesterday 10th March 2020. 

According to Byabakama, there shall be no extension of voters register display by the Electoral Commission.

“Following the conclusion of the display, the Commission shall now proceed to display the list of all persons who have been recommended for deletion or inclusion by the tribunal from the National Voters’ Register, for ten days. This will start tomorrow 11 March and concluding on 20th March at each respective Parish/Ward Headquarter,” Byabakama said.

“The purpose of this exercise is to enable the public to scrutinize the above lists and any person who has been wrongly recommended for deletion or inclusion to raise an objection to the Parish/Ward Tribunal,” Byabakama added.

Then after, the Commission will make the final decision concerning the recommendations for inclusion, deletion, or correction made by the public.

From there the Parish Tribunal process, the Commission will collect all the data and prepare the final National Voter’s Register in time for conducting the first cycle of elections under the General Elections Roadmap as follows; Elections of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Committees (Youths, Persons with Disability and Older Persons), which are scheduled for April 2020. 

Officials say some people who had a request for the transfer of their voting stations failed to appear on the new location and the turn up was low altogether.

Justice Byabakama Voters register display
Electoral Commission (EC) ends Voters register display, no more extensions. File Photo

Relatedly, the Electoral Commission (EC) yesterday issued a statement saying the number of presidential aspirants seeking to consult voters has now risen to 29 and more is expected to come in.

However, the chairperson EC, Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama is concerned over the unsatisfactory coordination exhibited between those seeking to consult voters and the Police.

Byabakama says the 29 candidates have been guided on the dos and don’ts as they embark on their consultative meetings ahead of the presidential nominations.

“The list is growing! Now as we talk the list is 29 candidates who have expressed interest. As a Commission what we do when we get these notifications we give a standard guiding note that looks, you are required to this and you can only do this, refrain from doing this,” Byabakama said.

Byabakama says it’s impossible to exclude Police in the Consultative meetings, but instead a better working relationship strategy between Police and the aspirants should be established.

“Anything to do with any public activity, the aspect of security comes in, and that’s why the Police have a role to play,” Byabakama said.

Previously, presidential aspirant Robert Kyagulanyi has tried in vain to hold consultative meetings with Police accusing him of not fulfilling the basic requirements as regards to the Public Order Management law.

Byabakama adds that the silence of the law on some of the key issues regarding consultations and elections has left the Commission and aspirants wondering, but with the recently passed electoral reforms by Parliament awaiting presidential consent, the Commission believes it will clear certain things.

“When those reforms come, we shall determine what impact they have on our roadmap, on our preparations. And do any of these reforms require us to go back and repeat what they have already done,” Byabakama noted.