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CFAO Motors Uganda Takes Over Toyota Uganda Limited (1)
CFAO Motors Uganda is the exclusive distributor of Toyota vehicles in the country. FILE PHOTO

The Toyota manufacturer has authorised CFAO Motors Uganda to distribute brand-new Toyota vehicles and genuine Toyota parts as well as to offer Toyota manufacturer’s warranties in Uganda.

CFAO Motors Uganda is the authorized distributor of Toyota vehicles in the country and it has 4 branches, and 3 authorized service centres in Uganda. The company also is in present in 39 African countries. 

The company has partnered with several African companies that have strong mobility brands, including Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, and Suzuki. 

There are 164 dealerships in Uganda, which makes it one of the largest in the country.

CFAO Motors Uganda

Previously known as Toyota Uganda, CFAO Motors Uganda is a leading automotive company in the country. 

It is a subsidiary of CFAO Automotive, a division of the CFAO Group, which operates in over 158 countries. Its distribution network is the largest in the African continent. 

CFAO Motors is the exclusive distributor of Toyota cars in the country, offering the company’s brand warranty. There are four branches and three authorized service centres.

CFAO Motors Uganda has two solar installations in their branches. These are part of the company’s carbon-neutral initiatives, reducing carbon emissions by about 300 tons per year. 

This will result in a 30% reduction in annual energy bills. 

This project will also improve livelihood opportunities for refugees. The automotive branch in Uganda will hire a dozen new employees, providing a job opportunity for many. 

The training will also be free of charge, helping the local economy develop.

CFAO Motors Uganda toyota (1)
Mr. Thomas Pelletier, Managing Director of CFAO Motors Uganda.

CFAO Group

On Wednesday, 2nd February 2022, Toyota Uganda Limited officially changed its name to CFAO Motors Uganda. The change in name is a step towards diversification and capturing 15 percent of the market share for old cars. 

“We have been known as Toyota Uganda since 2005. However, increasingly, we have felt the name does not encompass the full breadth of mobility solutions that we offer, over and above the Toyota brand. The rebrand to CFAO Motors Uganda allows us to align with our CFAO Group philosophy that seeks to strengthen our investment in Toyota whilst at the same time offering additional mobility solutions. More than a name change, this is also a milestone that brings us closer to our ambition: sustainable growth, value chain integration, partnership with strong brands and innovation, consolidating our position as a leading automotive brand.” stated Mr. Thomas Pelletier, Managing Director of CFAO Motors Uganda.

Toyota’s brand-new vehicles and genuine parts are now exclusively distributed in Uganda by CFAO Motors Uganda, who also offers Toyota manufacturer’s warranties. 

For this reason, the company will focus on offering a wide range of services and products to customers.

Toyota Tsusho

The new owners of the company have announced their intention to acquire the remaining 2 percent stake in CFAO SA, which is listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange. 

The acquisition will enable Toyota Tsusho to improve competitive bidding. 

In addition, Toyota Tsusho intends to invest in Zembo SAS. The company also launched a bathing assistance product, KINUAMI U.

The company has been active in African markets for 90 years and has grown along with the countries and people that make up this region. 

In December 2016, Toyota Tsusho acquired a majority stake in the largest trading company in France, CFAO. 

Since then, the company has expanded its presence in Africa by establishing its Africa Division. CFAO is a global trading organization focused on automotive, transportation, logistics, and consumer products.

CFAO’s two-pronged strategy

As the market leader in new cars in Uganda, Toyota Uganda Limited has undergone a name change to become CFAO Motors Uganda. 

The company will focus on offering a wide range of automotive solutions for both local and international markets. 

CFAO is a French trading company owned by Toyota Tsusho Corporation. It has a revenue of over EUR5.8 billion and almost 21,000 employees. 

CFAO aims to develop a wide range of products and services for African customers, including affordable and sustainable mobility solutions.

CFAO Motors Uganda is socially and environmentally responsible, and it has recently become one of the first ten companies in Uganda to be recognized as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). 

The company is committed to the implementation of relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations. 

Other initiatives include reforestation of the Mabira Central Forest Reserve and vocational training for Ugandans. The company is also involved in promoting road safety, namely through partnerships with the public and private sectors.