Chameleone on Bobi wine affairs
Stop filing false accusations against my relationship with Bobi Wine - Chameleon

Stop filing false accusations against my relationship with Bobi Wine – Kampala Mayor to be Chameleone

Joseph Mayanja stage name Jose Chameleone has disregarded allegations that he’s up to fail the Kyadondo East legislator, Robert Kyagulanyi stage name Bobi Wine political career.

In a media briefing during the DP weekly press meeting held every Tuesday at their offices in Kampala, Chameleon said all reports are false with hidden agenda of blocking his long-time friendship with his fellow musician Bobi Wine from a section of ill-hearted people.

“Propaganda started rising that Chameleon is against Bobi Wine, that he is trying to outshine Bobi Wine. I know Bobi Wine more than most of you from the family level. I know him as a fighter. I know him as a brave man. There is much more that I know about him than you people know,” Chameleone said.

Chameleon also said that ever since the rumour of him being a spy began, he started mitigating the damages by meeting Bobi Wine at night to discuss the matter.

“I took myself Bobi Wine for anything but I visited him. I visited him between 8 and 9 pm. If I am against him, he would never open the door for me at that time of the night. If I was against him, his wife would not welcome me. Stop dividing us,” Chameleon said.

He, however, asked the general public to end circulating faulty information as far as his relationship with Bobi Wine is concerned.

“Please stop dividing me from my people, please stop dividing me from my people. If we are fighting for revolution. Don’t tell me that revolution has closed me out. I am also a Ugandan,” he said.

Relatedly, Chameleone said people should not exclude him out of the liberation struggle because of this faulty reports on him, because he has a lot to contribute towards its success.

He also asked members of the public to offer him full support such that they achieve Uganda’s dream altogether.