Clever J Cindyperform Boom Party
Cindy Sanyu gives Clever J a chance to make a comeback at her upcoming Boom Party concert. File Photo

Cindy Sanyu gives Clever J a chance to make a comeback at her upcoming Boom Party concert

Dancehall singer Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy embraces singer Clever J on the line-up of those artists who will perform at her Boom Party concert at Cricket Oval Lugogo on 7 March 2020.

Cinderella Sanyu assured fans of powerful stage performance from singer Clever J.

She said;

“According to me, Clever J is still a great artist because before disappearing he had many hit-songs. So his decline hurt me so much. I did a European tour with Clever J; I think about 7 years ago, we worked together. I used to see him perform and he had potential. When I got cha

Cindy whispered that Clever J had a very big crowd before, while he was still active on the music scene and so he decided to give him a platform worth to his stature so that he can once more revive his powerful performance before his fans at Cricket Oval Lugogo.

“I thought of artists whom I want to appear on my line-up, Clever J has his fans and he has amazing music why wouldn’t I invite him to sing, definitely expect a power packed performance with Clever J at the Boom Party concert, “stated Cindy.

Photo/New Vision

Many of the artists who are still on board have neglected these worn-out artists.

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They have not given them a chance to recover their music whenever they hold concerts, but Cinderella stressed that it’s their responsibility as fellow artists to shield such wonderful talents which once hit the music scene to higher grounds.

“Firstly, it’s our responsibility as artists to defend such big talents in Uganda. It’s your role as a standing artist to help those legends who once knockout the industry and its not only Clever J, it can be anyone else; it’s us to make sure that all those legends survive. Thoug

Quick facts about Clever J

‘Ensi Yaleeta’ hitmaker has gone through storms of tasks creating an identity after many fans and tabloids referred to his sound as similar to some artist that had used it for over a decade.

He was once in Leone Island under Jose Chameleone, where he made three songs, Yewuwo, Obusungu and Sirina Mulala.

In 2006, Clever J released an eight-track album, Manzi Wanani, on which he made his own production.