Rema Namakula’s introduction with Hamza Sebunya2
Rema Namakula’s introduction with Hamza Sebunya is set for 14th

Rema and Hamza Sebunya introduction preparations in top gear with less than four days

With now less than three days to Rema Namakula introduction with Hamza Sebunya, preparations for the long-awaited day is already in its final stage after the organizing committee released images of Rema and her bridesmaids showing off their diva status. 

Smartly dressed in expensive outfits, as the images portrayed, Rema and her maids also looked beautiful with their different hairstyles. Meanwhile, the maids were dressed in white dresses while for Rema, the bride to be was dressed in an all-black attire matched with silver shoes.

Last week, the singer surprised her fans with what looked new and unheard of by many Ugandans, after she held a million-dollar introduction shower prior.

The singer will officially introduce her new man, Hamza Sebunya to her parents next week on 14th November 2019.

The lavishing shower that was only attended by close friends was an indication to her fans that the introduction will even be better. 

Rema Namakula’s introduction with Hamza Sebunya4

In addition to also the beautiful pictures of the colourful event circulating around social media, Rema’s fans now have an idea of what to expect come the 14th. 

Introduction showers in Uganda are very rare, often bridal showers are organized for a woman who is about to be married, however, for Rema, she took a different step by deciding to go with an introduction shower.

Rema Namakula’s introduction with Hamza Sebunya3

Last month on 9th October, a day when Uganda celebrates her independence, Hamza Sebunya together with his family officially visited Rema Namakula’s Senga and other relatives at her home in Bukoto in a Kukyala ceremony.

Smartly dressed in a unique maroon ‘gomesi’ on that day, Rema was happy to see his relatives get a glance at her new husband and his people.

On a day that was attended by socialites in the country, city tycoon Godfrey Kirumira was also not left out. 

However, what can fans expect on 14th?

From the look of things in comparison to the two events the former has held prior to this day including yesterday’s shower, the introduction will not be far different but of course, it will even be better because it’s what everyone is yearning to see

Meanwhile, it is slated for November 14, next week and a number of sources indicate that many socialites and other celebrities have already received their invitation cards.

Brief History

In August this year, information circulated different social media platforms indicating that singer Rema Namakula had officially parted ways with her long term boyfriend, Eddy Kenzo.

This was coupled with photos that showed Rema hugging with her new husband to be Dr Ssebunya confirming to the public that the relationship was no more.

Rema Namakula’s introduction with Hamza Sebunya

Later, Eddy Kenzo released a statement confirming the information and wished her well in her new marriage. 

Rema also confirmed the rumours adding that her marriage with Sebunya is slated for 14th November this year.

Kenzo and Rema had dated for five years before they decided their destiny and were blessed with a five-year-old daughter.

By John Dalton Kigozi