Deputy IGP Gen Sabiiti Muzeeyi
Deputy IGP Gen Sabiiti Muzeeyi reveal plans for combating city burglary and armed robberies. File Photo

After 2 days of issuing the directive by president, Deputy IGP Gen Sabiiti Muzeeyi has revealed plans to curb burglary and armed robberies

Following the two days’ period directive issued by President Museveni to the Deputy IGP. Gen Sabiiti Muzeeyi has at last come up with plans on how to combat the increased burglary and armed robberies.

The Kampala Metropolitan area, police yesterday unveiled what they called master plan to curb the crime. Police says the master plan is to be instituted in the districts of Kampala, Mukono, Wakiso that has been struck by this kind of criminality.

Police add that these gangs’ operations are similar in all these areas, saying they are now ready to fight them.

Ever since the directive was issued, Police chiefs engaged in several meetings to come up with a plan on how to end the crime.

However, on Thursday 17th/ October 2019, the Police Chiefs met the president at his farm in Kisozi, Gomba District and briefed him on the plan they have drawn, as the president had instructed.

President Museveni in his directive to the Deputy IGP, Gen Sabiiti Muzeeyi asked him to draw a plan and later on hand it over to him for a review, and then be communicated to Ugandan, which he did.

After President Museveni endorsed the plan, police on Friday 18th, October 2019, released it to Ugandans in a press meeting held at the Police headquarters in Naguru.

Maj Gen Sabiiti Muzeeyi addressing the media said that violent crimes in the Kampala Metropolitan area are on a rise, despite president Museveni’s 12-point security programs launched last year.

As a result, this prompted them to come up with new plans to curb the crimes.

“This reviewed plan sits within the 12 wider measures announced last year by the President. I want to report that a lot of strides have been made in this regard, including the aspect of the installation of cameras, fingerprinting of firearms, improving the police forensics capacity, as well as improving the Crime Intelligence and Criminal Investigations Directorates, all of which are ongoing,” Maj Gen Sabiiti stated.

Maj Sabiiti says the plan houses five measures that include; public communication that will see collaboration with the members of the public, where every family in the zone will be given a telephone number for the nearest Police post.

The telephone number is given out such that in case of any criminal attempt, the person calls the police for a timely response.

“The public is encouraged to share relevant information on all matters of security including distress calls. We shall put suggestion boxes at the stations and LC offices. Messages will only be accessed by a select team and all the messages will be treated with confidentiality. The public can also deliver text messages or WhatsApp messages on 0707114114,” Maj Sabiiti noted.

Additionally, Maj Sabiiti asked Ugandans to come up with security groups that include security camera installation and village patrols to help end the crime.

  • The second plan is the profiling of hard-core criminals. Police said most crimes are continuously committed by the same criminals, and as a result, police are going to double their efforts to profile and pursuit hard-core and repeat criminals.

Sabiiti says hard-core and repeats offenders will be closely monitored such that in case of a crime committed, they will be the first suspects.

According to Police records, the highest percentage of crimes are committed by hard-core and repeat offenders who were arrested, jailed and after their release, they again pick up from where they had stopped.

  • Thirdly, police will institute effective investigations and prosecution. In this plan, police say it will ensure that a more robust and dedicated prosecution and judicial methods are created, to help handle this kind of criminality.

In their argument, Police said in the recent past, the judiciary was accused of releasing and giving light punishments’ to criminals, who again came back to terrorise Ugandans.

  • Fourthly, quick response. Police said this new measure will ensure that Police responds quickly, in case, of any call from the public to help combat and arrest suspected criminals.

“In this regard, the Kampala Metropolitan Policing area is going to be divided into policing zones or security constituencies for each station or post, with attendant published call line, reaction forces and linkage to all stations and posts as well as cameras, when there is a distress call,” Sabiiti said.

Sabiiti says for this plan to be effective, there would be registration and marking of streets and residences to ensure quick response of officers.

He adds that the person calling Police should give them correct directions and exact location of the criminal attack that includes a street name to enable Police to easily identify the person in danger.

The press meeting was attended by several Police officers that include; AIG Lt. Gen. Peter Elwelu (UPDF Land Forces), Maj Gen. Sam Kawagga (UPDF 1st Division Commander), Brig William Bainomugisha (Military Police Commander) AIGP Asan Kasingye (Police Chief Political Commissar), AIGP Col. Sserunjogi Ddamulira (Police Crime Intelligence Director), AIGP Asuman Mugyenyi (Police Operations Director), Mosese Kafeero (Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander), Kampala North and Kampala East Regional Police Commanders.