EC starts voters verification exercise2
EC Chairperson, Justice Simon Byabakama (R) says the exercise is intended to update voters register. Photo/Monitor

As 2021 general elections draw closer, Electoral Commission (EC) has declared voters verification exercise for the National Voter’s Register countrywide.

According to EC, the voters verification exercise began on Wednesday 16, October 2019, with the briefing of sub-county supervisors and will end on 11, December 2019.

Electoral Commission says the exercise is intended to update voters register, delist ghost voters and check out issues to do with multiple-voting as well as compilation and submitting of the gathered information to a higher authority for further processing.

EC says the process will also see the identification of persons with disabilities by drawing a new register for them, to eliminate tendencies of masqueraders.

The exercise according to EC will start from village to national level led by verification officials who are expected to hold meetings via the village chairpersons countrywide.

Among the activities to be conducted by the EC verification officials, roll calling of the residents is included, to verify their presence and eligibility to vote come 2021 general elections.

As a result, EC Chairperson, Justice Simon Byabakama yesterday Friday 18, October, 2019, argued voters to return to their voting location and update their voting particulars, before 2021 general election date arrives, or rather delegate someone to verify his or her name on his behalf, in case, he or she is unable to be there in person.

“For those who will be at their workplaces or who have relocated, feel free to delegate someone who can verify your particulars. Those who passed on will be deleted from the register, while blotted polling stations due to movements and rapid creation of new administrative units across the country will be updated,” Justice Byabakama said.

Byababakama says this exercise is purposely intended to clear the airwaves on the questions raised about the eligibility of some voters in the country.

“Some people have been querying the eligibility of some voters, who appear on the voter’s register, we need to make this clear since National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA), which is mandated to do the job, has for some reasons failed to do so,” Byabakama added.

Byabakama further accused NIRA of failing to conduct registration of deaths and births in the country as directed by EC for the last ten years.

However, Gilbert Kadilo, NIRA spokesperson refrained from commenting on the accusation saying they worked for hand in hand with EC.

EC Deputy Spokesperson, Paul Bukenya said after the completion of the exercise, the register will then be pinned for the final review by voters, and if your name fails to appear on the register, voting will be impossible for that person come 2021 general elections.

The registration for IDs at NIRA, which will be used to identify your citizenship in the country before registering as a voter at EC is ongoing and will end on December 11. Beyond that, you will not be able to vote in 2021 general elections.

EC spokesperson, Jotham Taremwa said he only received Shs140b out of the budgeted Shs 863b to implement the 2021 election roadmap. However, the Ministry of Finance says the 863b allocated to EC would be given out quarterly.

But yesterday EC disclosed that the process cost them Shs493m and the recently rolled out project will cost the commission Shs7.14b to be used on various activities.