Who is DJ Roja?
Who is DJ Roja?

Who is DJ Roja? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, music, wife, family, DJ duo called Slick Stuart and Roja, early life and education of Rogers Kitaka Nsubuga.

DJ Roja is among the most popular young Djs who have revolutionalized the music industry with his unique mixes and has inspired young DJs to join the music industry. 

Roja is one of the halves that makes up the renown, loved, common and talented DJ duo called Slick Stuart and Roja.

Roja and Slick are also known for collaborating with musicians and releasing music. They don’t sing in the songs but co-produce the released music and have the full rights to the released music. 

Roja is also a DJ on NBS TV at a show called NBS After 5 where he DJs with DVJ Mercy pro and the show is hosted by Douglas Lwanga and Mc Kats. 

Roja is also a presenter at NXT radio still under Next media services and he features Qitui on the show.

This DJ duo (Slick Stuart and Roja) is known for its annual event called the mixtape party where they invite fans and unleash their latest nonstop music but today as Flash our area of focus is going to be on profiling who DJ Roja is.

Early life and education

DJ Roja birth name Rogers Kitaka Nsubuga was born on 29th September 1989 in Kampala Uganda and he comes from the family of Hajji. 

Nsubuga Ganga is the father and the Late Agnes Nankabirwa was the mother. Roger is the firstborn of the two children and according to Roger, he grew up in various places around Kampala which include Ntinda, Kireka, Kiwatule and Kamokya.

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Roger attended various schools which include the city high school, Kanjuki SS and after his high school Roja joined the Kyambogo university Mbale branch where he graduated with a diploma in Mechanical Engineering specializing in refrigeration and air conditioning. 

In his A level, he had done a combination with subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, mathematics and economics which enabled him to get a government scholarship during his university studies.

When asked about his experience during school especially high school, Kitaka says he recalls being a rapper and being suspended from school over stubbornness. Kitaka’s mother passed on when he was still young but he was not much affected because he had relatives that stood by his side.

Roja is one of the halves that makes up the renown, loved, common and talented DJ duo called Slick Stuart and Roja.

DJ Career

During his internship at Sheraton Hotel Kampala, Roger decided to quit his profession of engineering after seeing that he could not take it as a profession. 

When asked why Roja says he could not live the lifestyle of the engineers. After quitting engineering Roger started learning mixing music through his uncle called Cannibus who was the owner of Blaster Sound. 

On hearing that Roger had taken up Deeying as a profession, his relatives were disappointed and he ended up leaving home.

After leaving Blaster sounds Roja through his OB managed to link up with DJ Pollo and he ended up becoming an understudy of Pollo and at times he could carry speakers for him. 

He later met DJ Mercy who got for him a bar where he could play from and it’s from here that he joined a bar known as Beats for life in Bugolobi. He was once a start-up DJ for DJ Crim at Blue Heva before joining Wave Lounge.

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According to Roja life changed when he joined Wave Lounge and at the beginning, he was a start-up DJ for the Late DJ Momo. It’s in Wave was he meant with Mc Kats who connected him to Ibrah Kadanke and when linked up with Ibrah, he started taking him to schools to DJ in the school gigs.

DJ Slick Stuart And Roja Duo

Towards the end of the year, 2012 Roja says he met a guy called Slick Stuart how was also a DJ but had made a name out of his famous extended mixes he used to make. 

The two used to meet at various events such as Buzz, Kandake and when international acts flew in like Konshens, Busy signal they ended up performing together but at this time they had not decided to form a duo.  

In 2014 the two realized that they were almost playing the same kind of music and it’s at this time they talked about becoming a duo and they both agreed to the idea. In the beginning, they could play back to back music for example; Slick plays five songs and Roja also play five songs.

Still, in 2014 the two organized there first mixtape party which was at club Venom and the entrance was by invitation. According to Roja, the event was a success and this pushed them to make it an annual event. The idea of making music with artists Roja says it came from both of them. 

Roja explains that one day they were seated at Badi studios and they got an idea after listening to a newly recorded song of APass which was called Mumpulila although they didn’t shoot the video and A Pass Bagonza remained with all the copyright rights.

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Their second song was with Nutty Neithan and was called Walk to work which turned out to be a hit on its release and rocked all the uptown and downtown markets. 

Most of their annual events are graced by top entertainment DJs like DJ Mercy, Nasselo, Hearts, Dash, Vee and many more others.

In 2016 the duo joined Kfm under Nation media group and they became the official DJs of the station they used to DJ on the show called superstar Friday that could air every Friday of the week. 

They later joined Next media services in 2018 when it started a radio called NXT radio where they both DJ in different shows.

slick stuart & dj roja - kigwa leero
After quitting engineering Roger started learning mixing music through his uncle called Cannibus who was the owner of Blaster Sound.


  • Ready to go ft Jamal, 2015
  • Eva ft Ykee Benda, 2016
  • Attention ft Naila Ali, 2016
  • Pon mi ft Bennie Gunter, 2017
  • Up in the air ft Kemishan and Cindy, 2017
  • Very well ft King Saha, 2018
  • More of this ft Rema Namakula, 2019
  • Sunday ft Allan Toniks, 2019
  • Kigwaleero ft Jose Chameleon, 2020


  • Buzz Teens awards, wickedest DJ of the year, 2016
  • Nigeria entertainment awards, best non-Nigerian DJ, 2016
  • HiPipo music awards, DJ of the year, 2017


  • Nigeria music awards, DJ of the year, 2016


In 2019 DJ Roja went on a run after beating his girlfriend Daniella and it was rumoured that his workmate aided his escape since the police were looking for him in all corners.

While still a DJ at wave lounge, Roja was attacked by Jose Chameleon and he almost beat him up. Chameleon claimed that Roja was disrespectful and had refused to play his music but the two later settled their differences.