kampala-parents-Museveni a proposal for October reopening (1)
A proposal on reopening schools in October was presented to President Museveni by the Education Ministry. PHOTO/KAMPALA PARENTS

President Museveni has been presented with a proposal regarding the reopening of schools in October by the Ministry of Education

According to the Ministry of Education and Sports, President Yoweri Museveni has been presented with a proposal regarding the reopening of schools for review and further guidance.

According to Denis Mugimba, the Private Secretary to the Minister of Education, the proposal including the dates and what criteria schools will follow for the reopening will be reviewed by the president after which a final decision will be made.

Mugimba said among other things, they raised the idea of reopening schools but in a phased or staggered manner and not have a big number of learners congested in schools at the same time.

“The program was used previously and allows only a few classes to be accommodated at school premises alternatingly. We had proposed that we open in a phased manner in October 2021, there was agreement that if SOPs are implemented, then we shall proceed at all levels up to University,” Mugimba said.

In addition, he said they suggested that in a bid to see all classes benefit from the reopening, learners depending on their classes will have specific days of attending class.

He said this is aimed at decongesting the schools. 

Mugimba also noted that because learners will have a short learning period, the holiday will be reduced to a maximum of two weeks to try and compensate for the wasted time.

“We can say that P1 to P2 report on Monday to Wednesday while other classes open on the remaining days up to Saturday. Saturday was adopted to help students catch with what they have missed as the school calendar is expected to be more demanding,” Mugimba added.

“For instance, instead of the usual four- or three-weeks holiday, we shall have one or two weeks because we have to maximize the time when things are good, transmission rates are low and we catch up as much as we can.”

He further indicated that they proposed that learners more so those in the early primary will only be stressed to studying the basic subjects. Mugimba indicated that as well in other classes learners will not be attending to all subjects.

“From P1-P3, they will not be studying everything they have been studying, we are going to concentrate on basic areas like numeracy, literacy, and English because they are the basics, we are not going to do 100 percent of the curriculum,” he indicated.