museveni meet education ministry on school reopening (1)
Yoweri Museveni, President of Uganda.

In an interview with NBS TV, Minister Joyce Moriku Kaducu confirmed that next week the Education ministry will meet President Museveni to discuss among other things the date for the reopening of schools.

President Yoweri Museveni will meet the Education Ministry next week to discuss among other topics the new dates for reopening schools, confirms Ms Moriku Kaducu, State Minister for Primary Education, in an interview with NBS TV.

She said nothing much will change concerning school reopening.

Moriku noted that like earlier stated, vaccination of both teachers and learners is still the basis that government will follow to establish when they should consider the reopening.

The latest statistics show that out of 560,000 teachers, at least two hundred thousand teachers have been vaccinated and that many teachers are also turning up for the vaccination. 

On this, Moriku raised that when such critical groups including the teachers and learners themselves are properly vaccinated, then school resumption will only base on Covid-19 principles.

“You recall when the schools were closed many children who went back home infected their parents, their grandparents. Now the strategy is to have these critical people vaccinated, the elderly and those with underlying medical problems. But we are very optimistic that the vaccination is now catching on very fast. We are hoping that these critical people, our grandparents, our elders are vaccinated so that at least we have our people back in school.” Moriku said.

”If we can have many of our elderly people those of 60 years and above with underlying medical problems vaccinated, then it will give us a ray of hope,” she added.

This, however, comes at a time when the Education Ministry has since tabled before President Museveni a proposal concerning how they intend to reopen the schools in October.

According to Denis Mugimba, the Private Secretary to the Minister of Education, the proposal including the dates and what criteria schools will follow for the reopening will be reviewed by the president after which a final decision will be made.

Mugimba said among other things, they raised the idea of reopening schools but in a phased or staggered manner and not have a big number of learners congested in schools at the same time. 

He said a suggestion was also put forward on having learners stressed to only the basic subjects.

“The program was used previously and allows only a few classes to be accommodated at school premises alternatingly. We had proposed that we open in a phased manner in October 2021, there was agreement that if SOPs are implemented, then we shall proceed at all levels up to University,” Mugimba said.

“We can say that P1 to P2 report on Monday to Wednesday while other classes open on the remaining days up to Saturday. Saturday was adopted to help students catch with what they have missed as the school calendar is expected to be more demanding,” he added.