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handmade ghost gun emmanuel augesa
The Territorial Police in Serere has arrested and detained a man found in possession of a handmade ghost gun. IN PHOTO/Fred Enanga the police Spokesperson.

A 33-year-old former convict of murder, Emmanuel Augesa, was reportedly found in possession of a handmade ghost gun by the territorial police in Serere.

Emmanuel Augesa, a 33-year-old former murder convict, has been arrested and detained by the Territorial Police in Serere in possession of a handmade ghost gun.

According to Fred Enanga the police Spokesperson, he allegedly jumped over the fence of Opolot Christine, a 68-year-old retired nurse of Alilimo cell, Akisim ward, Kyere Town Council and threatened to kill her.

Augesa threatened to shoot and kill her together with her housemaid, Apokorit Rhoda, aged 30. The victim alerted the immediate neighbours which forced the suspect to flee.”

Enanga noted that a complaint was thereafter, raised at a nearby police station in the district upon which the suspect was trapped and exhibits recovered from him.

“The suspect was arrested at a bar in Kyere Town Council. Upon arrest, a thorough search was conducted at the suspects home in Obul village, Serere district, where the hand-made ghost-gun was recovered,” Enanga’s said in a statement dated March 21.

Enanga revealed that the gun had a firing pin, magazine and was fully functional, after it was tested-fired, with two bullets from an AK 47 rifle, by the suspect.

He, however, rose to condemn the illegal manufacture of weapons including handmade guns with the intention of creating fear in the public saying that once caught, the suspects will be brought to book.

Added further, he said Augesa will be charged with being in illegal possession of a firearm, aiming to traffic and dealing without a firearm licence, criminal trespass and threatening violence.

“We strongly condemn the illegal manufacture of handmade guns because they end up in the wrong hands of criminals who use them in senseless acts of violence and impunity. ”

“Such hand made guns have no serial numbers and therefore, cannot be traced in the database of guns fingerprinted,” Enanga applauded the Serere district residents for creating an alarm that enabled the police to trap Augesa.

“We do applaud the community in Serere, for availing us credible information. This proactive approach helps a lot in preventing crime. Every time we recover a gun from criminals, it restores confidence and public safety within the community,” he added.