Entebbe Express Murder suspects
Last month Nteireho Rushegyera and Merina Tumukunde were shot dead along Entebbe Express high way by unknown gunmen. Photo/Independent

Last month Nteireho Rushegyera and Merina Tumukunde were shot dead along Entebbe Express high way by unknown gunmen in what police termed as Entebbe Express Murder

Update on Entebbe Express Murder: Nteireho met his death just close to the car he drove that day while Tumukunde was in the car, and that’s where she was shot dead in between 10:30 pm and 11 pm on September 5, 2019, along Entebbe Express high way near Nambigirwa Bridge.

But yesterday police spokesperson, Fred Enanga disclosed that they have arrested suspects who are under detention in this Entebbe Express murder case.

Enanga did not reveal the names of the suspected killers, but according to police sources, four suspects have been arrested in Kampala.

He said that police detectives have received crucial information that the suspects are connected to the twin Entebbe Express murder which they are yet to establish.

“They were arrested over the weekend. Their interrogations are still ongoing,” Enanga revealed yesterday.

However, the car Toyota Harrier, which the suspected murders moved in on a fateful day is still missing, and the search for it is still underway.

Zana CCTV supermarket camera along Entebbe Road, captured the suspects but their faces were not visible enough after it was reviewed by police detectives.

Police arrests Entebbe Express Murder
Police arrests 4 suspects in Entebbe Express Murder

In the footage, the suspects and the deceased were seen greeting each other and having a conversation at a certain restaurant.

After a while, Nteireho got into the car he drove that day and the suspects were also seen getting into the Toyota Harrier and followed them.

But then later, Nteireho and Tumunde were found dead along Entebbe Express High Way following a gunshot.

Ever since the death of the two, the people who used the Toyota Harrier have not appeared to state Nteireho and Tumukunde’s shooting, since they had met and held a brief meeting with the deceased.

This gives police grounds to hold them as suspected murders.

The suspect’s arrests came after police investigation team critically analysed the tracked phone calls of people the deceased communicated to, on a fateful day.

In his further remarks, Enanga said those police detectives already had some credible information concerning the suspects, but they were still conducting a thorough analysis to see that they arrest real suspected criminals.

Nevertheless, soon after the incident, police arrested a police officer whose gun was found at the scene of crime.

According to the officer, he went out for short call and left his gun in the deceased vehicle and by the time he returned, the deceased had left.

So, after investigators reviewed and analysed the CCTV footage, they found out that the police officers statement matched with their analysis and they decided to take another route in the investigations’.