erias Lukwago cites vote rigging in Omoro county
Lukwago said the late Jacob Oulanyah, who was a seasoned leader of the area, never had such a high percentage of the vote at one time.

In the Omoro county by-election, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago said that Andrew Ojok Oulanyah receiving over 90% of the votes was a clear sign of vote-rigging.

The Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has questioned the manner in which Andrew Ojok Oulanyah garnered over 90% of the votes in the Omoro county by-election saying that it was a clear sign of vote-rigging.

Oulanyah was declared the winner by Kagona Moses, the Returning Officer after bagging 14,224 votes against 1,633 votes attained by NUP’s Toolit Simon Akecha who came second.

Others including Odong Justine Obiya from the FDC party manage 529 votes, Terence Odongo on the Independent ticket scooped 532 votes, Onen Jimmy another Independent candidate got 88 votes while Kizza Oscar from the Alliance for National Transformation managed 63 votes.

However, in a statement via his social media handle, Lukwago who is a strong affiliate with the Forum for Democratic Change party (FDC) said the percentage difference was too ridiculous for an area that has always had fewer voters turn up.

He said even the late Jacob Oulanyah who was a seasoned leader of the area never at any one time garnered such a percentage.

“Hmmmmmm…..Not even his father who, in comparative terms was a seasoned political leader, could garner that percentage. Mockery of democracy…Banana Republic indeed,” Lukwago tweeted.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Opposition in parliament, Hon Mathias Mpuuga has also come out to challenge the same election saying that Omoro has for long held a record for low voter turn up but the NRM candidate polled over 600 votes from a number of polling stations.

“From an election with a record LOW voter turn-out, somebody polled over 600 votes from certain polling stations! That was the resultant effect of the arrest of the people we had deployed in Orapwoya Sub-County,” Mpuuga said.

He also recalled scenes of vote rigging that were witnessed in the area including the one were a polling official was filmed helping out voters to tick on the ballot papers.

“It was worse at other stations like at Odek P7 Sch and Fabio’s Home P/S where the presiding officers were directly involved in negotiating bribes for our agents. Nonetheless, as NUP, we achieved most of the objectives for participation in this by-election. Key among them was reaching out to the people that the state had kept us away from since 2020,” Mpuuga said.

“And to the abused and humiliated people of Omoro, we shall be right back and work with you for total liberation,” he added.