Andrew Ojok Oulanyah wins Omoro County elections
At about 10:15 pm on Thursday, the returning officer Kagona Moses declared Ojok Oulanyah the winner.

Andrew Ojok Oulanyah of the National Resistance Movement has won the election to become the new Omoro County Member of Parliament replacing his late father Jacob Oulanyah.

The ruling National Resistance Movement’s Andrew Ojok Oulanyah has won the election to become the new Omoro County Member of Parliament replacing his late father Jacob Oulanyah.

Oulanyah garnered 14,224 votes beating off competition from five other candidates including Simon Toolit Aketcha of the National Unity Platform party who came second on 1633 votes.

Oulanyah was declared the winner by the returning officer Kagona Moses at about 10:15 pm on Thursday.

Speaking shortly after his maiden victory, Oulanyah thanked all those who voted for him together with his NRM party for accepting to front him as their candidate.

“This is a very important victory especially given the number of voters, it is a big statement. I want to thank all the candidates who stood, they gave an alternative,” he said.

“I want to thank the party and local leadership. This election should unite us. We need to come back together as leaders of Omoro,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Omoro seat fell vacant following the death of Jacob Oulanyah on March 20. Oulanyah who also doubled as Speaker of Parliament reportedly succumbed to multi-organ failure.

Following his death, in a request to President Museveni, Oulanyah’s family requested that his eldest son be fronted for the seat to continue with the legacy of his father. 

The request that sparked a series of debates and discussions from the public including NRM party leaders was accepted by President Museveni who endorsed Ojok to complete his father’s five-year term.

Museveni who met with five more NRM aspirants seeking to be taken through the primaries for the position at the time said in memory of what the late Jacob Oulanyah did, it was decent enough to front one of his children to complete his legacy.

He also challenged the aspirants that ideally elections were supposed to be held in 2026 and not 2022, urging that they should pretend like Oulanyah is still holding the seat.

“The decent thing to do is to let one of the children of Oulanyah stand in for him, for the remaining 4 years,” Museveni said adding that is then that they will determine whether he has been useful or useless to the party and the position as a whole.