Oulanyah's Son Andrew Ojok
Andrew Ojok Oulanyah, the son of the late Jacob Oulanyah, has said he is confident he can fill his father's legacy.

Andrew Ojok Oulanyah, son of the late Jacob Oulanyah, has said he is confident that he can fill the legacy of his late father by running for the Omoro County legislative position.

With the race for Omoro County legislative position picking up steam, Andrew Ojok Oulanyah, the son of Jacob Oulanyah, has expressed his confidence in his ability to fulfill his father’s legacy.

The Omoro position fell vacant following the death of the late speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah. On the day of his burial, however, the brother, Francis Emuna told mourners that the family had decided to front the late’s eldest son, Ojok as a replacement.

Ahead of the May 26, 2022 by-election in Omoro, Ojok has raised that he is optimistic he can fill the father’s shoes. 

In an interview with NBS Television, he said his campaign will among others focus on promoting peace, unity and reconciliation in the district something his father stood for.

“The core work that my father invested in was health and infrastructure, We plan to carry on with it if given the opportunity,” Ojok said adding that he is waiting to see if his party the National Resistance Movement (NRM) will accept to front him.

“The party still has to complete its processes. NRM is yet to work on its internal process and we are cognisant of that, we shall at the appropriate time pick those Electoral Commission (EC) forms,” Ojok added.

Meanwhile, the legislative race has so far attracted five candidates from the ruling NRM party including Oulanyah’s former Personal Assistant Ben Achula while those in the opposition are yet to front a candidate.

According to the Electoral Commission roadmap, the nomination of candidates will be conducted between 12th and 13th May 2022 at Omoro District Council Hall and campaign meetings for candidates to be held from 16th to 24th May 2022 ahead of the election on May 26, 2022.

The Omoro position fell vacant following the death of Jacob Oulanyah last month in Seattle, United States. Oulanyah who was on April 8 laid to rest in his home district succumbed to multi-organ failure according to the health minister Jane Ruth Aceng.

“The immediate cause of death was multi-organ failure. The heart failed, the lungs failed, the liver failed and the kidney failed,” Dr Aceng read the post mortem report earlier on.

“The kidney and heart failed while in Seatle. He also had multiple bacterial infections while still here and viral infections while in Seattle. The treatment for viral infections further suppressed the bone marrow.