Police Warns Candidates in Omoro Seat
Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said they have reached out to all candidates and campaign agents to ensure they follow the guidelines of the Electoral Commission and the harmonised campaign schedules. FILE PHOTO

Police have warned candidates running for the Omoro District legislature position that they will not take lightly any form of violence during the campaigning period.

The Uganda Police have warned candidates vying for the Omoro District legislative position that they will not take lightly any form of violence in the run-up to the by-election.

With political campaigns for the Parliamentary Position set to run from May 16 till May 24, the police have assured their teams are already on the ground to ensure campaigns are held peacefully.

According to Fred Enanga the police spokesperson, they have reached out to all candidates and their campaign agents to ensure they abide by the guidelines of the Electoral Commission and also follow the harmonised campaign schedules.  

Enanga said they have also issued a comprehensive policing plan to the territorial commander, Aswa Region to implement the above directives without fear or favour.  

In addition, the police spokesperson said the task teams have been dispatched from CID and CI to record videos on the conduct of the political campaigns for future reference.

“Any acts of defiance, civil disobedience of dangerous driving, intimidation, unauthorised parallel campaigns at venues, looting shops, provocative behaviour towards law enforcement personnel, like deflating tyres of police vehicles, hooliganism, defacing posters etc will not be tolerated,” Enanga said.

“We wish all candidates a successful campaign and we remain confident that as the Joint Security Agencies, we shall deliver a very peaceful campaign process where the rights of the constituents in Omoro and all stakeholders are protected,” he added.

Six candidates are vying for the Omoro seat including NRM’s Ojok Henry Oulanya, Odong Justine Obiya (FDC), Kiiza Oscar (ANT), and Tolit Simon Akecha (NUP), and two people on the independent ticket including Eng. Odonga Terrence and Onen Jimmy Walter. 

Godwin Okello who was the Democratic Party (DP) flagbearer recently pulled out of the race to stand for the position on the basis that he felt very attached to the people of Aruu than those in Omoro.

“Basing on my consultation with the people of Omoro, and also elders of the party, I have decided to withdraw my candidature from Omoro by election as a DP flag bearer. The reason why I did that was because I contested as a member of Parliament for Aruu County and the people of Aruu followed and asked because I am their hope and they asked to keep me in Aruu,” he said in an interview with Urban TV recently.

According to the Electoral Commission, the nomination of candidates for the Omoro seat will be held on May 12 and 13. Campaigns will run from May 16 to 24, 2022 and then elections held on May 26.

Meanwhile, the position fell vacant following the death of late Speaker Oulanyah who was buried on April 8th in the Omoro district. Oulanyah reportedly succumbed to multi-organ failure.