Kizza Besigye asks police to leave his home
He said the police have been denying him his full rights to freedom for days now since he intended to protest last week. FILE PHOTO

Kizza Besigye, the former head of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party, has expressed his disappointment at the police’s decision to place him under house arrest and also prevent visitors from visiting him at his home.

The former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president Kizza Besigye has expressed his disappointment to the police for putting him under house arrest and also blocking visitors from accessing his home.

Besigye made the remarks in a tweet. He said for days now since his intended protest last week, the police have cordoned off his home denying him his full rights to freedom.

“Lots of uniformed & non-uniformed Police and goons still totally surround my home (including that of my immediate neighbour)! They get one “meal” a day! They haven’t allowed anyone to come in since yesterday. Court has twice previously declared this illegal,” he tweeted.

“8 Police patrol vehicles have been stationed at & around my home since Thurs; 2 of them + 1 sedan car being in front of the gate. Many police offices deployed all around. No visitors or media allowed in,” he added.

This, however, comes at the same time when the police have explained their decision to remain in the former presidential candidate’s home. While addressing the media on Monday, Fred Enanga the police spokesperson said they will only depart from his premises once the protest threats are forgotten. 

According to Fred Enanga the police spokesperson, since last week, there have been intended plans by the FDC initiator to protest over commodity prices but said the strikes are unlawful and thus they will not allow them any grounds.

He said they cannot allow any individual to use processions as a tool to exercise his discomfort over one issue or another. 

“He wants to use the unlawful assemblies and processions as a toll to manifest his discontent against surge in commodity prices and fuel in the country. On a number of occasions we have seen how these processions have violated rights of other members of the society,” Enanga said.

“They have disrupted flow of traffic, looting of shops and roadside stalls, mugging and theft of phones from bystanders and other pedestrians and running battles with security personnel.”

In addition, he said it is under the police’s mandate to stop non-authorised processions or assemblies from happening. 

The police spokesperson urged the transitional leader to always engage the police and inform them about his plans three days in advance to enable them to prepare.

“We, therefore, call upon Dr Besigye to respect the rule of law by informing the police three days in advance indicating his plans, date, time, location, size, purpose and other basic information that can justify the basis of his plans and assembly.

Where there is a breach of peace they(commanders) should use lawful and reasonable methods to disperse and disperse any unlawful assemblies,” Enanga added.