Ojok Oulanyah If Omoro Seat Was Hereditary,
This statement was made by Ojok during a debate between Omoro candidates on NBS Television. PHOTO/NEW VISION

Andrew Ojok Oulanyah, a candidate for the NRM in the by-election in Omoro, told critics that the legislative seat in Omoro is not hereditary.

Andrew Ojok Oulanyah, who is the NRM candidate in the Omoro by-election has lashed out at critics saying that the Omoro legislative seat is not hereditary as they think

Ojok made these remarks while appearing on the NBS Television’s debate for the Omoro candidates. His remarks came following a submission during the debate from Jimmy Onen, who is an NRM leaning independent candidate that the Omoro seat should not be made hereditary.

Ojok challenged that if the seat was hereditary he would have been in Parliament by now but he, like all other candidates have to go through an election for people to decide.

“I am a person with leadership traits. If this was hereditary, I’d be an MP already, but we are going back to the voters to decide. I know myself, and God knows me I am capable. This is a calling for me. How people perceive me is their opinion,” Ojok said.

In addition, he said critics should be happy that someone young has been fronted to take up the seat. 

Ojok also aimed dig at the National Unity Platform party president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu saying that he expected him to rally behind a fellow youth like him but he chose to go for someone old in Toolit Simon.

“I expected Bobi Wine to support a young person like me, but he chose to go for my grandfather. I appreciate Toolit Simon for his service when he served at Omoro MP. Age is just a number. If you look at the President, he started his journey young,” Ojok added.

Meanwhile, Ojok is contesting for the position with five other candidates include Kizza Oscar (ANT), Odong Justine (FDC), Odonga Terence (IND), Onen Jimmy Walter (IND) and Tolit Simon Akecha (NUP).

On Tuesday the National Ruling party Chairman flew to Omoro to drum up support for him (Ojok) as the party flagbearer as campaigns in the area came to an end.

He urged Ojok that once voted into power, he should work to serve the people so that they can continue voting him with ease even in the next elections.

“Oulanyah showed good leadership. To my Muzukulu Ojok, these people are not sending you but they are sending Oulanyah back. If you do well, next time they will now send Ojok. I bless you,” Museveni said.

According to the Electoral Commission schedule, elections in Omoro will be held this Thursday, May 26, 2022.