Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata to Edrisa Musuuza Kenzo
Fans sign a petition to Uganda Muslims Supreme Council demanding an urgent recorded APOLOGY from Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata to Edrisa Musuuza Kenzo. File Photo

Disappointed fans sign a petition to Uganda Muslims Supreme Council demanding an urgent recorded APOLOGY from Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata to Edrisa Musuuza Kenzo

A concerned Ugandan, Josephine Jooga has started a petition to Uganda Muslims Supreme Council (UMSC), demanding an urgent recorded apology from the controversial Muslims Cleric, Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata Batte to Edrisa Musuuza stage name Eddy Kenzo following irritating and demeaning statements he uttered against Kenzo, during Rema Namakula, Kenzo’s former girlfriend’s Kukyala ceremony.

“As concerned Ugandans, we demand an urgent recorded ‘APOLOGY’ from Sheikh Muzaata to Mr Edrisa Musuuza Kenzo whom he mocked, during Rema Namakula’s ‘Kukyala’ by telling him to and sleep with his late Mom (RIP). A very disrespectful statement, not only to our cultural values but to women as well,” said Jooga.

Jooga now calls upon other Ugandans concerned about the matter, to join him in the petition, such that Sheikh Muzaata offers a recorded apology to the BET Award winner, Kenzo.

Jooga’s petition follows abusing remarks made by the Muslims Cleric, Sheikh Muzaata on the 9th. October 2019 at Rema Kukyala ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, Muzaata said that Singer Kenzo should go and marry his mother if all he wants is to wait until a woman turns to look like his mother before arranging marriage ceremonies.

However, defending his statement, Muzaata said that the statement is clearly stated on Social Media.

He says one time, Kenzo said that a woman has to first look like your mother, before committing into marriage with her, which is a bad example to the public.

“But the boy, I think on Social Media his messages are clear, he said he’s not ready, he can’t get married anyhow, he has to take his time, studying the person he intends to marry, because he does not want to wake up one morning regretting and file for divorce, after marriage,” Muzaata argued.

Muzaata in his defence statements further noted that boys of today have adopted Western cultures, for instance; homosexuality, where boys dress up and start behaving like girls. Wearing earrings and necklaces.

“They say that behaviour is for homosexuals when you go to America, young people who are homosexuals wear earrings and necklaces. When you wear two earrings, it means you are a man, and when you wear one earring, it means, you are a woman. And to those who claim to be women, they make their movements and conducts exactly like a woman,” Muzaata said.

Now this statement according to Jooga, Muzaata was mocking Kenzo. He says Muzaata was adding salt to a fresh wound, by accusing Kenzo to be a gay, a statement he cannot defend.

“And as if that was not enough, Muzaata added more salt in his second defensive message by accusing Kenzo of being a gay, something he cannot testify about with proof!!”

Jooga however, called for urgent action against Muzaata, saying Kenzo has struggled a lot to build his legacy in his music career, something which cannot be tarnished within a minute, just because of Muzaata’s unethical and baseless statements.

“Kenzo being an orphan has struggled through thick and thin to build his legacy through music a career that can be damaged by Muzaata’s weird statements. If left hanging with unanswered questions,” Jooga said.

Additionally, Jooga says Muzaata’s bad habit of abusing people, yet he’s a respected religious leader, the elder who would instead play a role of uniting people, but rather acting otherwise, must be stopped by him apologising to Kenzo over his unethical statements.

“Religious leader, a husband and a father of Muzaata’s calibre to be more of an uniter than a divider who has for the longest adopted pride of using abusive attacks to many Ugandans who took up to him as a respectful elder… this habit must stop and it starts by a recorded apology,” said Jooga.

Check out the petition here.