Janet Museveni Stresses the Need to Improve the Quality of Education
Education Minister, Janet Kataha Museveni. FILLE PHOTO

Janet Museveni, who is also the First Lady of Uganda, made the remarks when the Stanbic National School Championship 2022 was launched in Kampala.

Education Minister, Janet Kataha Museveni has said the government is working closely to ensure the quality of education is improved across the whole country.

The remarks were made by Janet Museveni, the First Lady of Uganda, at the launch of the 7th Season of the 2022 Stanbic National School Championship in Kampala.

She said the National Resistance Movement (NRM) even with limited resources has strived to set up a working education system but said they are even striving to make it better.

“The NRM government, with very scarce resources, has tried to set up infrastructure to empower and make it possible for our families to earn income. 

Our focus now is on the quality of education our children are receiving. We are working on it,” Museveni said commending Stanbic bank for always coming up with educative symposiums.

“It is my honour to associate with this initiative. This is not the first time we are associating ourselves with Stanbic Bank. Last year, Stanbic Bank held our hands as we held the Academic Symposium in December. This enabled us to get a substantial amount of funds. “

“Wisdom begins with the fear of God, and if your choices are rooted in that fear, you will make the best possible decisions for your life. I call upon Stanbic Bank to incorporate impact stories of transformation in this new model,” Janet added.

Meanwhile, on their side, the Stanbic Bank CEO Anne Juuko reiterated their commitment to always supporting the education sector. She said there is no country that has developed without investing in its youth.

“The solutions to the problems of our country are not far. They are within us, within our young people. There is no fuel to drive Uganda’s growth other than education. Testimonies like these are the reason we do this and there is no company that has ever grown without investing in the youth, in education,” she said.

“There is no country that has developed without a significant investment in the youth and in education. This is the reason we get out of bed in the morning. We know we are sowing a seed,” Juuko added.

Meanwhile, Ms Ketty Lamaro from Stanbic Bank said the national schools’ championships encourage learners to think for themselves and work together to come up with practical solutions.

“We are grateful that Stanbic Bank is helping the Ministry to achieve the goal of practical learning. I encourage every school out there to join such causes,” Lamaro said.