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best French Restaurants in Kampala

We’ve put together a list of the 10 best French restaurants in Kampala, Uganda, in case you’re craving French food.

We have compiled a list of the 10 best French restaurants in Kampala, Uganda so that you can enjoy French food whenever you want.

According to many, French food is the most prestigious and reputable in the entire world. It uses formal methods, concentration on basic flavors and fresh ingredients in their meals. 

Their presentation is usually classy as well. In Uganda, we have some of the best French Restaurants as we shall see. 

French cuisine has genuinely come to govern the world, setting the groundwork for numerous other types and specializations.

Whether you’re in the mood for French food or just love the taste of it, here are the 10 best French restaurants in Kampala, Uganda where you can indulge in.

Le Chateau Brasserie Belge

le chateau brasserie belge kampala

First off, the site is in a busy area and is close to Kampala’s city center (Ggaba road). That’s about 10 minutes away in case of traffic.

The restaurant is located in a lovely complex and has a coffee shop and a grocery right next to it. Additionally, there is privacy and a lovely ambiance. Services like parking, security guards, magnificent scenery, and unique designs are also accessible.

Of course, the food is good, however, it’s mostly limited to french food. It’s important to also know that their food is quite expensive. Because of this, it’s better to go well-prepared pocket-wise.

Otherwise, their French food is amazing, and their workers are nice and friendly.


bistro kampala

They are located on Kololo Hill Dr, Kampala. First-timers willing to try French food for the first time should try this restaurant. They have the best spring rolls well prepared fish, pork wraps, and herb rice.

Their service is excellent, and the balcony seating is fantastic. Despite being close to the parking lot, it is not noisy or disruptive due to the fencing and creepers (plants).

It’s also the perfect place to do some work as you eat fine French food. They do takeaways and deliveries.

Cafesserie Acacia Mall

cafesserie kampala acacia mall

Located on Acacia Mall, Kampala Uganda. It’s one of the best French restaurants in Kampala, Uganda for these reasons.

It’s a lovely restaurant with good service, tasty food, and relaxing background music. It’s also Kampala’s best location for bakery products, ice cream, and coffee.

Their employees are knowledgeable and offer assistance in whatever manner they can. Guests can also use the mall’s other amenities like washrooms, movie theaters, supermarkets, and banks, among others.

Reverie Lounge & Bar

Reverie lounge &bar is located on Plot 99 Bukoto St, Kampala.

This is one of the best French restaurants you will find in Kampala. Excellent service is provided. 

Given that it is hidden, their exquisite French cuisine is all the more spectacular. They serve nice beef steak and mashed potatoes, of course among other tasty options. They do dine in’s and takeaway.

Cantine Divino

best French restaurants kampala uganda

Cantine Divino is located on Mabua Rd, Kampala. The facility has ample parking space and tight security so guests feel safe. The environment is lovely overall, and the restrooms are immaculate.

For food & drinks, they have two static menus and a variety of options to select from. We highly recommend pasta, ribs, lamb chops, and creamy Basil Sauce. They’re better than anywhere else in Kampala.

Prices are a tad bit higher than average though their french food is tasty.

Stonehaven Restaurant & Winery

They are located on 8 Malcolm X Ave, Kampala. Here’s why we think it’s among the best restaurants in Kampala, Uganda.

On arrival, guests are greeted by a large parking area. 

Usually, it’s crowded with the newest cars money can buy. You can now get a better idea of the types of guests who are dining there.

The restaurant offers a greater than adequate assortment of wines but not particularly cheap prices. Dishes are nothing short of amazing. A group of skilled chefs prepares the food to provide scrumptious meals. 

The restrooms are exceptionally clean. They have cleaners stationed to keep them constantly clean. Here, you’ll be treated like royalty.


Tamarai is located on 14 Lower Kololo Terrace Rd, Kampala.

There are several dishes to order from the menu. It’s not just French dishes but Chinese as well.

On the menu, you’ll find grilled duck, pepper steak, Mongolian beef, and drink, among other selections. The food is well presented and also very delicious.

Their restaurant staff is so warm and welcoming. They will show you your table as soon as you arrive. At Tamari, you can order through the Jumia Food App. The delivery of your order happens quickly.

8 Cafe Pierre Restaurant

They are found on plot 883 Ggaba Road, Kampala. One of the best French restaurants in Kampala Uganda we must say.

Café Pierre is a fantastic restaurant with a lovely ambiance. It’s a “private” location to be despite being close to the road.

For food, goat ribs with honey glaze should be tried. They also serve good pizza and amazing coffee. Additionally, there is a big selection of wines. The waitresses that serve are polite, respectful, and friendly.

Amagara Cafe Bistro

Amagara Cafe Bistro kampala

They are located on Colville St, Kampala. They offer a tranquil setting for relaxation and tasty food.

The food from the à la carte menu offers guests delicious food. They serve nice coffee, and the buffet has a great variety. Also, a lot of their dishes are affordable, with a plate going for just 35,000ugx.

Being close to the city makes it easy to reach. It’s a perfect meetup for friends and business meetings.


Platia is located on 47b Upper Kololo Terrace, Kampala.

First of all, their cocktails are pure perfection. Their food is quite good as well. Guests can order Orexi Gyros (pork and chicken). 

Which doesn’t take long to prepare. The Covina Casera, a calzone, and shredded pork tacos are worth a try too.

Then, you can finish it all up with their frozen yogurt! Trust that you’ll want more after the first try.

The restaurant has a little kids’ play area for guests that come with kids.

Parking is a little scarce, but the security personnel does a respectable job of guiding visitors into and out of the open spots.

Overall the place is clean and well maintained.


The best French Restaurants in Kampala, Uganda offer more than just wine and cheese. They offer a wide variety of meals for guests to choose from. 

We hope this can help you find that French food you’re craving for.